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    I’ve sent some muffins and cookies to the four twenty somethings who live upstairs. This morning I noticed that the snow had been shoveled in front of my car. it’s time to make some cupcakes.
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    Protesters clean garbage off streets following Virginia gun rally
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    Thank you very much, friends!
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    Here is a start. Sad that so many have forgot, that so many of our politicians and elites seem to sneer at such faith. The cost is so high for doing so, so very high.
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    Wow, who would've thunk it. Millennials may actually be good for something! I guess I never tried training them with treats before, I'll have to give that a try!
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    Bullets on the ground should never be used as a indicator of what happened. I had that call on me at a Reg and it stinks when it's incorrect. I threw out a round dropped the reload right as I pulled it then grabbed another and since there were 2 bullets found (the one I dropped and the one I threw out) they called me for 2 misses. It was round count stage and I shot it different than others so the spotters were lost. The videos (we can't use and shouldn't be able to) clearly showed that. I'm not saying this to complain about that I'm using this as an example to never use bullets on the ground as an indicator.....use what you saw. It could be someone else's bullet, I sometimes (but rarely) can strip out a reload grabbing shotshells, people drop reloads etc. If you get to the point that you are counting or looking for bullets on the ground and that's all you got......then IMO the benefit should go to the shooter and you need to get the spotters to pay more attention.
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    Ha! The warped political agenda continues!!! AOC complained this morning that unlike the protests to "celebrate the dignity" of Freddie Gray (where rioting ensued and hundreds were arrested), the 2nd Amend. demonstration had "almost no police presence" (an absolute lie), implying that the establishment favors conservative causes and discriminates against the progressive ones, and that somehow the police are responsible for triggering violence (another lie). When will someone in the press stand up for truth and accuracy? LL
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    This was my rifle, folks, and I feel really bad about this. I acquired it from the original owner who won it in a raffle 40+ years ago. He claimed he never fired it, and during the time I owned it, I never fired it, then after July Smith bought it and took it to the range, he found out it doesn't work. If it has to go back to Shiloh for repair, and they don't send a pre-paid call tag for it, I'll work with you on the shipping & repairs.
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    Sad to say it, but the 2A supporters could cure cancer and male baldness, and still be demonized by Democrats.
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    PR, the Amazon deal on the Lansky is great....very near what I have to pay wholesale from my suppliers. I have never felt the need for the C-clamp stand. OLG's suggestion for Comet as a stone cleaner is terrific! BTW, I get the edge angle set and edge fully sharp with the xtra coarse stone, then rapidly work through the other grits taking the striations from the blade until the white stone, which basically polishes the cutting edge. Hint: I begin with a black magic marker line on each side of the edge so I can easily duplicate the original blade angle. Also, if you look edge-on and can actually 'see' the edge, it's not yet sharp.
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    These are the Communist folks, deny the truth, promote the lie. It's their agenda to destroy our country.
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    The manufacturer asked the question in Jan 2018. WB/ROC agreed "Okay, except for CC/CG categories." (there were a few comments re encouraging one's competitors to use one)
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    W.C. Fields was a confirmed atheist. Just before his death, several of his friends went to visit him. When they walked in, they discovered him reading the bible, studiously. One of his close friends asked, “Bill! What are you doing??” Fields, who was a lawyer replied, “I’m looking for loopholes!”
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    The Babylon Bee did some excellent reporting on the rally in VA today: Reporters expressed their grief and condolences as the violence they hyped has so far failed to materialize. "Nobody has so much as fired a shot. This is an unbelievable tragedy," said one teary-eyed MSNBC reporter, clearly caught up in the anguish of the moment. "It's tragic that we live in a country where reporters who are just minding their own business trying to push a narrative can have everything ripped away from them in an instant when protesters refuse to shoot at people." And, yes, I know it is satire. Satire with a lot of truth behind it.
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    If you generate enough smoke to truly obscure all the targets, you only need to know where one target actually is . . .
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    We can agree to disagree. I didn't watch the entire video, only a few minutes of it. I missed the Air Assault part, which I do find a bit more than annoying. Since it is a Training Squadron, and I don't see any training ribbons, I'm inclined to give a little slack, since I don't know where they are in their training cycle. As Trailrider pointed out, they could be training to be far more than "file clerks." A thought to consider though. At any given time, less than 1% of our population is serving in the military. Less than 10% of us are veterans. So, with their mediocrity and stupidity, they are still attempting something 90% of our population doesn't achieve.
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    A lot of these kids are hard working with good values. Just because the whiners get all the publicity, don't sell the others short. Duffield
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    Well, I just bought myself a birthday present. I bought the Lansky 5 stone Deluxe System, the Lansky C-clamp and the table top mount. I wasn’t sure which mount I would like so I bought both. Thank you all for your recommendations. I will try it out when it arrives and let you know what I think.
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    Black powder is about a whole lot more than shooting - it's a whole process. From melting lead and cleaning it up to make plump, shiny bullets to tearing guns down for cleaning, the whole thing is about being a Soot Lord or Soot Sister. I'm sure my mother rolls over in her grave every time I use my childhood ballet training to go lower, lower, lower to get below the smoke. Smoke is good, but I like a side of flame with it. The Darkside beckons many, the force is strong in only some and Driftwood is my Yoda.
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    Yup, another vote for the Lansky. I used to take it with me hunting. I would sit around the fire at night sharpening everybody's knives (amazing how many knives come out in a hunting camp when somebody offers to sharpen them), and they would do my chores for me in return. I never had to chop firewood, cook or do the dishes for years.
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    C, you are sure right about a good crown. One of the special options I would have Cody do in those years of doing the 24" cuts for me was the installation of a rolled crown. Back then we called them a "black powder" crown. Theory was that it produced more of smoke ring dispersing more smoke to outside leaving better visibility in center. After having numerous crowns such as this I was never convinced the validity of theory but they sure look cool. You are probably right SB, but the start of this was sort of pre-20" 73 days, or at least before readily available. Although I still have a couple of those cut 24s, I also have two Jim Bowie 20" 73s that I like as well, actually may even favor the weight of 20" guns. 1" is not much added weight but they also have addition of weight that was removed in 24" gun conversion (under forearm). Incidently, When the even shorter 73s came out (carbines), I had Cimarron send one to Cody to do his magic on. Very nice but I found them just to light in weight for me, but for ladies, or others, in search of less weight in rifle they were good for a sale.
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    We need a sarcasm smiley. I write this with tongue firmly planted in my cheek.
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    Some one that outsmarts you (usually after you have already shot the stage) but yet stays within the rules and makes you jealous that you didn't think of it first.
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    In 1776, many free/white/over 21 men couldn't vote either -- they didn't own property. It was generally considered that someone who owned property were more likely to have good judgement and would have more interest in good government than someone who didn't own property, and therefore voting was, prior to the 1830's, generally restricted to property owners. Jefferson's 'all men are created equal' phrasing goes back partly to Locke and partly to the Scottish Enlightenment, and refers to equality under the laws of nature. Jefferson was not making a reference to equality under laws created by men, he was rejecting the idea that monarchs rule by right of birth. The Federalist papers were written by the same men who wrote the Constitution and give insights into the reasoning that went into the decisions. 'Just and opinion' on the Constitution, written by the man known by his contemporaries as the 'Father of the Constitution,' seems pretty solid to me.
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    The single best tool in the kitchen. Avoid all the gimmick versions. You want a nice old fashioned Butchers steel
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    I use the Spyderco unit for quick and easy, and it's often good enough, but if you have more time and/or higher quality knives, you can't beat the Lansky deluxe system. I use both stone and diamond sets. I use them for my own use and for commercial sharpening. I've sharpened everything from a 1" secondary blade on a Victorinox Executive to a Garand bayonet and a 1943 issue GI machete. I use water, not the provided oil, to flush the metal from the stones about every 20 swipes. I avoid anything electrically powered. If you carefully view a knife's edge through a quality lense with a good light, you often see small areas of the very edge which get overheated. Over time, this bodes ill for the consistent sharpness of the blade. All of the sets using a jig depend on correct setup for both the blade and the stone.
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    The foundational document of this country - the declaration of independence - states that individuals have inherent inalienable rights (endowed in them by nature, their creator, or God - take your pick) and that such rights are not created or granted by the government, but rather that men create forms of government to ensure that individuals may freely exercise those inherent pre-existing rights. And that when such governments become destructive to those ends then it is the right and duty of the people to alter or abolish such government. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.--" One may agree or disagree with the propositions expressed but the meaning and intent of the foundational document of our nations founding is clear - that our rights do not come from a government or a constitution, or a bill of rights - those are merely the mechanisms used to imperfectly attempt to allow individuals to live free and to exercise their pre-existing creator given/god given/natural rights.
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    What a maroon. Alpo was right. I was reading the 2 1/2 as length. It was drams. Don't mind me. Move along, nothing to see here but an embarrassed doofus. Move along.
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    At least the monkeys you were training were learning skills for the civilian marketplace. They went on to be Trunk Monkeys! Note his finger is off the trigger. Training pays off.
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    Good choice-- We're expecting a full review with pictures BTW, go buy a box of Band-aids. OLG
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    At the paper mill we had huge lights with like a 12” rod in the middle. When the electricians changed them out the rods were in high demand!
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    First you must graduate from the Duc McCandless School of Dance. There are a large number of highly technical moves from side to side and up and down which you must master to see around the smoke without moving your feet. https://youtu.be/hl9gwvdNy7c
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    By the way, how much have the Dems earmarked, out of the billions in new taxes they are proposing, for Federal debt reduction? Say what? Say again? NOT ONE RED Cent!!!!! LL
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    By golly, I believe there should be a SASS approved Baptist Category!!
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    I always thought it would be a hoot to go to about 10 local ranges over a year or so then commit the perfect crime and throw a 5 gallon buck of mixed brass at the crime scene
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    With my deepest apologies to Arkie... Ike, you are wrong. The Constitution gives you nothing. As far as the rest of your statement above, let me ask this, If our founding fathers were so narrow minded and short sighted, how is it that these documents written by old, rich, Christian white men had allowed the newer generations to "get that fixed" as you so sophmorically put it? Might I suggest that you read an old white guy's musings in Federalist #10? I really do mean no offense.
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    I shoot a 45 colt rifle (35 grains) and 10 gauge 87 lever or 10 gauge 89 hammered (85 grains). How much more BP to set those alarms off?
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