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    Wonder how they clean up all the manure and what they do with it. There’s a good reason most of the roads in Love Valley, North Carolina are called ‘trails’ instead of roads, or lanes, or even streets. It’s because this tiny town in the Brushy Mountains of North Carolina doesn’t allow cars.
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    I just wish hunters would ask first. It annoys the hell out of me when someone I don't even know just come parading into my set. Some have even said "Well it's not posted". Permission is just simple courtesy and at least you could inform a prospective hunter to please avoid certain areas or call the night B4 to inform he will be stalking around on your property. Sorry for the rant---- it just makes me nuts, and that's a short order!
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    Check the hotel websites. Depending on where you’re staying in LV, that could be easy or hard. Think about staying in Hendèrson, (closer to airport) at one of the “mini” Marriott or Hilton, etc. hotels. Don’t tell him anything. Just get your stuff in there and lock the door. You could check their website to see if they have any issues with firearms, but I sure as hell would not ask them . Cat Brules
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    Traction control is a must with electric vehicles. I'm extremely positive about my negativity so, while elctric doesn't use fossil fuels, the mining to get lithium and then recycling the batteries is way hard on the environment.
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    But what if my dog doesn't like beer?
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    Just another day in the NHL...... NO, WAIT.......
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    Got some SASS shooters that live in Vegas. Maybe you can get with them to leave at there house while you are there. Just a thought.
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    Look at those eyes. That feller is loaded for bear and 'fraid of nuthin'.
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    Somehow I'm just not grasping the intent of this thread. Being a new shooter from the eastern section of the country, I never had the opportunity due to time and distance to meet any of the original members and founders of our game. Are we newbies being lumped into one big basket of deplorables since we never had the opportunity to meet China Camp, Tex, et al? Isn't it only natural for a new shooter to ask "China who?". Doesn't this present an opportunity to educate the new shooter, rather than disparage them for their lack of knowledge or familiarity with the founders? Help me out, here.
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    https://heavy.com/sports/2019/11/myles-garrett-steelers-browns-fight-joe-buck/ https://www.foxnews.com/sports/myles-garrett-brawl-reaction-steelers-browns.amp He has a history of fines and suspensions for roughing the passer but this goes beyond that! Terrible stain on the Browns!
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    The Town of Tombstone Arzonia requires diapers on all horses on their main tourist street.
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    Always did like Brother Jerry! Matter of fact I quoted him. In the emergency room. Whilst I was having a kidney stone. Jerry tells of coon huntin' and one of the fellas climbs a tree after the coon only it ain't a coon, it's a wild cat, and the fight was on (likely you've heard his version so I won't butcher it with my poor recollection) -- anyway an ER nurse came over from t'other side of the Emergency Room -- a big enough place nurses are assigned to zones, I"m not used to such prosperity, back in Appalachian Ohio an ER is considerably smaller -- anyway she said "I recognize the wriggle. Kidney stone?" "Yes ma'am," says I, and she allows quietly as she's had both kidney stones and babies, and the kidney stones were worse. Didn't help me a bit to her her say that. She asked if she could get me anything and I r'ared up on my elbows and gasped "Yes!" and I reckon she figured I was going to ask for a needle full of Old Knockemstiff, but she favored me with a sympathetic look, and as the sweat beads commenced to pop out on my forehead I said "I have never asked a fellow nurse for a favor but I will ask one now!" She nodded, listening closely. "I want you to send down to Central Supply and have them send up the biggest rubber maul they've got down there!" "Whyyy?" she asked, and she was turning a little red, like she was anticipating what I was about to say, and trying not to laugh. I come up on both elbows, then stabbed myself in the forehead with my off thumb and said "I want you to take that big rubber mallet in both hands and give me a Mickey Mantle over the back field fence right here, just as hard as you can swing that thing!" By now she's turning the color of a rotten strawberry and she manages to gasp out between ill-hidden chortles, "I can't do that!" "IT'S LIKE RASSIN' A WILD CAT UP IN A TREE!" I quoted Brother Jerry. "SHOOT UP HERE AMONGST US, ONE OF US GOTS TO HAVE SOME RELIEF!"
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    Been there a number of times - it's a bonnie loch!
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    I'd highly recommend this... I stayed downtown last year during a Navy reunion... The casino/hotel security staff locked up my guns in their vault per my request, since I didn't want to leave them in my vehicle or in my room while I was out & about. Security met me at the door and escorted me to the Security Office while I carried my guns (cased). Gave me a signed receipt for each gun, including generalized condition statement & serial number. During "Best Shoot by a Dam Site, they stayed with me, as I was in & out during my stay at Railroad Pass Casino/Hotel, as not being alone is high on their (my guns) list of pet peeves. . (A joke folks, I don't attribute sentiments to inanimate objects)! Yes, some readers might be slower on the uptake than your normal Kiwi! By the way, y'all bringing the AllBlacks w/ya? ...I'm a huge fan!
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    You are dead on, Forty Rod. Too brave for his own good some times.
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    Why, there's people that don't know who I am! Having been involved in SASS for several years, and several years in range affairs, like most of us, I have a list of folks in my head that is into hundreds of names. So many passed, got too many health problems, quit, moved away, etc. The point to me is that all of us in CAS are a part of a breed that will not be seen again. I have met some of the originals, I even met Phantom, once. I'm positive he wouldn't remember. (In a parking lot in Texas, some years back.) Some, not all, of the finest friends I have ever had in this life have been in Cowboy Action. They are real, they last, and you can ride the trail with almost all. A price can not be put on the enrichment this game has meant to my life. Whether well known or not, with thanks given to all that have helped our path, how wonderful it is to have known these people! New shooters, as well! Harley.
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    I had a colt one time in a feedlot that anytime he felt the urge he would run backwards until he fell over and then he would lay there...... I called him tail light.
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    National Felons League.
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    Well, that answers the question. While you were listening to him, I had Cousin Brucie on WABC in NY, bounced off the upper atmosphere so I could receive it outside of Philly, listening to the Beatles and the Beach Boys. Whole different world. LL
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    If you have the option, and decide to have your guns locked in a vault, make sure you know when you can and cannot have access to them. Especially if you have an early morning flight. If there is no one available to release your firearms to you between the hours of 8 PM and 8 AM, and your flight is at 5:45 AM, you might have a problem. Seeing as how we're talking about Vegas I suspect many things are open 24 hours, but, if not... Could also be something as silly as "The security guy with the key to the vault is off on weekends and won't be back until Monday" How quickly the guy with the key can be found should also be considered. If it takes 45 minutes to find the guy with the key, or he's "busy", that could really screw with your ability to get to the airport on time. I've seen all of the above occur. Different times and different places but it sucks when it happens. Angus
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    OK, I'll rephrase, From the FACTORY, ALL Ruger Single Action's have the transfer Bar. Since 1973.
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    Yeah. Amazing response. And about a minute and a half too late. Hardened campuses and armed security are the only things that can help in these incidents. In this case it looked like without metal detectors, nothing would have prevented it.
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    So you can be undocumented and unsheltered. What other “un”s will the libs come up with?
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    Yeah, but just imagine it jewel turned, low profile and interrupted threads for a quarter turn removal. Bet that would get it approved!
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    I would reckon he gets his fearlessness honest! Fine looking lad! Likely he gets his good looks honest too!
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    Deer are relatively thin skinned and easy to kill with a proper shot. The energy of the airgun you describe would be below what I consider to be ethical for hunting. I would not hunt with less than a magnum pistol caliber rifle of .40 caliber or higher. Muzzle loaders are usually restricted to .45 or .50 caliber and above so that may also give you an idea of the energies necessary
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    I screwed up the star ratchet on one of my New Vaqueros trying to improve the timing (while a friend was holding my beer). I sent it back to Ruger after calling them and telling them that I had screwed it up and it was several years out of warranty anyway. I’m not sure if they replaced the cylinder or just press-fit a new ratchet, but it came back about two weeks later like new. They did not change any other parts and also did not charge me anything, even the returnpostage. If function is affected, I’d suggest calling Ruger and taking their advice.
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    Another reason not to watch NFL. Great example for children.
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    On Friday, November 22nd, the Kentucky state Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary will consider so called “red-flag laws.” Though no legislation has been introduced, such laws usually allow for Second Amendment rights to be suspended and firearms seized without due process. Please contact leadership of the General Assembly, as well as the committee, and urge them to oppose these firearm confiscation schemes. “Red-flag laws” generally allow courts to suspend individual Second Amendment rights without adequate due process. Such orders are typically issued after an ex parte hearing where the individual is not present to challenge allegations or face their accuser. These hearings have low evidentiary standards that fall well below the norm for removing fundamental constitutional rights. Again, please contact leadership of the General Assembly, as well as the committee, and urge them to oppose legislation that violates our fundamental due process rights.
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    If this happened on the street he would be charged with assault with a deadly weapon! He's great player but he's a thug!
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    Emma’s kinda hot in a librarian sort of way.
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    I spent the winter of ‘68-‘69 in Cheboygan, MI, and it’s the reason I live in SE Missouri today. I made sure I didn’t leave anything behind when I left. My sympathies.
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    Thanks! I made a bookmark of that post in case it goes away. I'm thinking make a mold of the right side. Then the left side. Then just make the frame filler from some other material. That way I wouldn't be cutting the original grips as you did.
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    a number of years ago, I went to a match a few states away. when I got to the hotel where my reservation was, they posted no firearms allowed. i ignored that sign. but thats just me.
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    Has not been a "mass shooting" since the Demorats began their "investigation on the "hill" about time for a group shooting
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    Kinda like having a race horse or a cuttin' horse at the trainers....... "One more month out'a really make a difference on him."......
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    Don't know if there is an "average" cost. It would be best to just call the gunsmith of your choice and talk to them about what you want. Several gunsmiths with websites publish their rates. Such as Jimmy Spurs: Cowboy Gun Works
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    Now, that's just BS Griff. I personally know 23 folks that have met you, know a little about ya and over half of um think you an OK pardner !
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    I used to belong to the Panama City Pipes & Drums, and we played The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond both at the halt and on the march. A beautiful 4/4 air.
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    Several years ago there was a subject that I can't remember now but was passionate about it then. I was walking thru the main meeting area at the range in Sparta Ill.. There were two men standing and debating the subject. I had to squeeze past them and the taller man made a comment that I was violently opposed to. I stopped and interjected myself into the conversation and told the taller gentleman how wrong he was and how his ideas would be the death of the sport. I supposed that he was a newby and gauged my comments accordingly so that his incorrect thoughts were argued completely down and he would be a proper thinker from then on. I left the conversation with a feeling of victory in that I had contributed to the education of a newer shooter. The gentleman in question has not followed thru with my wishes. The last time I saw him he was surrounded by shooters so I did not get the chance to straighten him out again. Let me tell you though that the next time I see Tex, I'm going to let him have it again, At least I would if I could remember what the topic was.
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    To me, a .22 caliber match or even one .22 caliber stage (that would be fun) SHOULD ...... unless the club is furnishing the shotgun and shells...... allow the shooter to furnish his own shotgun (any gauge) and shells. Personally, I think the club SHOULD furnish the shotguns (shooter’s choice: SxS & pump) and shells to level the field. Every one should ante-up for the shells, especially if the SG is a 410 gauge. Cat Brules
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    Even in a country like China where civilians don't normally have guns that's a really, really bad idea.
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    I went to one a few years back saw a vendor selling Beanie Babies. I asked, "What are these, targets?"
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    I went for 15 years with a pair of saddlebags over my shoulder while carrying my guns. In fact, I used those saddlebags at the last monthly. A cart works but you can get by without one for as long as you want.
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