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    Global warming certainly does exist. As does global cooling. Each has existed as part of continuous, ongoing global climate change since the Earth began. You know what causes global warming? That damn star in the center of our solar system.
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    some folks enjoy the game more than the need to know everything Allie.
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    That would be me. I spin them every time. Then I index, take it to full cock and lower the hammer on the empty. Works like a charm.
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    Minor safety?? The rifle malfunction was declared and it was properly discarded.
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    I guess after his stint in the NAVY and helped whoop up on the Japanese in the Pacific, he was sent to Germany in the Air Force to help Patton whoop up on the Germans..... Just think, if some newspaper columnist reads my post, they will be totally confused now..... ..........Widder
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    still up for sale not everybody sits at a desk and stares at their computer all day some people have a life some people work all day rather not sell to an RUDE impatient buyer
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    Believe our applicable rule for a malfunctioning rifle that may contain live rounds is: From Shooter's Handbook, page 28. Good luck, GJ
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    Don't start me..IMHO Global warming is a heap of BS.!!!!!
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    I did carbon transfer just a few minutes ago. I grilled two beautiful steaks using......... Yes, you guessed it charcoal.
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    Is %#&&@#$%& declaring a malfunction firearm.? Largo
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    We are generating more than 6 trillion watts of electricity every year, and since those plants are only 25-35% efficient, you can figure we are really adding 20 trillion watts to the environment that wouldn’t be here without nuclear and fossil fuel plants. Now does that amount to a hill of beans, I dunno. Maybe the California forest fires add more, let’s cut off California and bull doze into the pacific and see
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    Danger Close is now available via Amazon Prime video, my wife and I both enjoyed it. I also understand that there was a limited theater opening on November 8th.
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    G-g-g-glo-o--bal warming is a fact...I saw it on CNN! Just ask us in Colorado or in Chicago. Heck, even my grandson said Memphis was down to 20deg.F. Seriously, I do believe there is global warming. What I do NOT believe is that we have enough data going back eons to give us a clue as to the real cause! Meanwhile, I'm turning the thermostat up and getting out another blanket!
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    Didn’t dis the movie. I never do that without seeing the film. I was dissing the stupid caption that had Doolittle in the Navy.
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    It does for now. It means that the case can proceed to trial in the state court in Connecticut. Any final judgment from a verdict can be appealed thereafter, including ultimately to the Supreme Court (which will continue to have the discretion to hear it or not). The current Supreme Court decision not to hear the case at this stage is not a ruling by the Supreme Court on any of the merits of the suit.
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    ...will the surviving families of DUI victims be able to sue General Motors after this debacle has been settled ? What a shit show our national debate has become.
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    Howdy and Welcome from North of the Medicine Line .... But what turns YOUR crank ,,, AFTER you go to a bunch of shoots and talk to folks ..... And Don't miss talking to those that shoot the Real Powder ... Jabez Cowboy
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    I am posting this in here because I have seen some aviation buffs over the years. i was building an 82% scale but sold the project well over ten years ago. At the time I had a website with both original and replica Hawks. I decided to republish the original Hawk website with some additions. I am still adding to it and editing but if you are interested in some cool photos... https://sites.google.com/view/p6etest/army-hawks
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    Yesterday I read a really good comment from a reviewer (I believe from the Navy Times), to the effect of "finally instead of spending millions on fake superheroes Hollywood spent $100 million to show us some REAL ones". ...and of course another reviewer was critical of its flag-waving theme. I guess patriotic movies are no longer in fashion these days.
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    It's about CONTROL, not 'saving the environment'. They don't even believe what they are saying. Why do you think Barry just plunked down over $17million on an estate on Martha's Vineyard? If rising oceans were really an issue, he wouldn't have done it.
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    Thanks, Phantom, You re right on.. It wasn't just that they were "The Folks" back them. It IS that they established a community, a philosophy and the character for what we enjoy today. It surely isn't the same as they started in action and maybe goals, but the character and community have certainly lasted. At least around here. Best to them all and us for carrying it along. Ol' #4
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    I update an inventory of make, model, caliber, serial #, brief description, source, price and date onto an old camera drive with photos every year on New Years Day. FWIW, my college team NCSU has always played their bowl game in Dec. The day is pretty much open.
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    Ol' Anderson Cooper doesn't seem too happy with their statement!!
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    The guy that started this topic......cant recall.....I think I met him a few times.....I think....oh heck, it dont matter, even if I do remember him, I'll soon forget him.....oh look a bird!
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    Doesn’t matter. They are decent sights. I think you’ll like ‘em.
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    In Los Angeles there is an actual civil code regarding eating, drinking, playing music, selling items and being a general nuisance. It is no longer enforced because of dirtbags suing the agency over enforcement.
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    The death of a Georgia college student and the disappearance of an Auburn student in Alabama have many women paying more attention to their own personal safety, and that led to a packed house at a recent concealed carry course in Birmingham, Alabama.
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    SASS stands on the shoulders of GIANTS. Thank you Charlie......
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    ....my comment was only about SCOTUS. Doubt we will get beyond the nine justices. Of course if that happens that probably means the end of the electoral college too....: Which also means the end of the United States of America. The reality is that in the next few years if this gets back to the Supreme Court they will rule in Remington’s favor. GG
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    I might have been leaning a bit. But, it was to the right, so I'm okay.
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    Or use USAA for homeowners insurance (if you're eligible). They don't require a separate policy unless you have a single piece worth more than $10k. Far cry from the people I had immediately before them. I asked the agent about gun coverage and was told there was $0 and the company refused to sell a rider for weapons or firearms. Dropped them with alacrity. Course, that doesn't cover them when you're traveling like the NRA insurance does.
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    Only benefit I want is for the sport to continue and thrive.
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    No, people are dissing the newspaper review for getting someone's rank wrong.
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    This is very common these days. You watch. The officer will be crucified. The man will sue. Security at transit stations WILL diminish, cops do not like being thrown under a bus, and soon ridership (yeah, it’s a stupid word) will go down. Once it goes down thousands and thousands of dollars will be spent trying to discover why it went down. Committees will be formed. Anyone in Operations that explains the reason it went down will be disinvited to future meetings and only fluffy people with small brains will be involved. Eventually over a million dollars will have been spent on planning, ads, promotions and service changes. Promotions will occur and new departments formed and eventually the tax payers will be out millions of dollars over years paying salaries and by the time wasted by people that know what they are doing but are ignored so they no longer go the extra mile to perform their duties. How do I know? I just had my 30th anniversary in this vocation. Yay. Three years and three months...tick, tock, tick, tock...
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    Here is a link to a less edited video FOUR times longer that what is circulation social media and MSM this morning. It does contain a lot of bad language but you can see that the guy was belligerent with the officer while the officer maintains his professionalism. The officer was doing what his superiors told him and yet the news media blames the officer and calls him a racist.
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    I guess that’s winter in Montana, even if it’s still Fall. Temperatures here in Central Florida have plunged too. 64 degrees right now (6 am) with an expected high of only 85. If this keeps up I may have to roll down my sleeves.
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    Keep attending the matches where you just shot. Bring factory 38 Special, all-lead cartridges and low-recoil 12 gauge shotgun shells with you and shoot all the guns offered to you. You will have preferences. Don't buy guns yet but do get a stiff, wide belt and a western hat.
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    Welcome to the best game there is! DON"T acquire any gear without going to at least one more match; except get yourself a good hat
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    Howdy, So you were out of cleaning patches??????? Best CR
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    I went for 15 years with a pair of saddlebags over my shoulder while carrying my guns. In fact, I used those saddlebags at the last monthly. A cart works but you can get by without one for as long as you want.
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    Yep. Know what you mean Barleycorn. Folks want the factory boxes. Noticed a while back, OEM USFA boxes were drawing stupid money. And there was a fella who sourced reproduction shipping sleeves for USFA. Collectors went gaga. I personally went Gag. Normally, the included "Papers" from the manufacturer are useless drivel. Don't shoot yourself inna foot sort of drivel. Don't even tell ya how to take it apart. SO: A used handgun is a used handgun. A used handgun in an OEM Box is still just a used handgun. An Old Colt is just an Old Colt. An Old Colt inna box is still just an Old Colt. Old, greasy, oily, crinkly papers are just useless old greasy, oily, crinkly papers. Oh, forgot. Unless there is significant provenance, it's just an old used handgun (to me). OK. It's Friday Morning. It's Cold and Wet outside and I'm bored. I get cranky when I'm Bored and it's cold and wet outside (Five more Months).
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    I just read in the news this morning that nearly 700,000 CA residents fled to other states in 2018. Texas was the largest recipient of CA refugees, while Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona received most of the rest. The main reasons cited were the high cost of living and California's politics. https://www.king5.com/article/news/regional/nearly-700000-people-left-california-in-2018-and-many-moved-to-the-pacific-northwest/281-84e7c6c9-2aaa-488c-9d9a-600b8665ff1c Those who flee CA to get away from its repressive gun laws are welcome here in WA, but too often it seems the people who move here are goons who continue to vote liberal and try and make this place just like the mess they left behind.
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    We will never change to minds of the libs, but if enough people write and use other mens to advocate for gun rights we will change their vote! They will fight to save their jobs. I've had people tell me they don't belong to the NRA for (enter stupid reason here.) Many of them belong to other pro-gun organizations...who are never named by the media or mentioned by politicians. I'm not saying they aren't good, even somewhat effective groups, but the big Boogey Man in congress is the NRA. It costs about as much as a meal for two at a decent restaurant or couple of tickets to a movie for an annual membership. Imagine forty or fifty thousand new members by 2020. The Dems would panic to try to save their jobs, but now imagine a half million or more by election day. And once we've done that we'll have to do it ll over again every single day because these "Progressive" idiots will never give up. Never should we.
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    Probably some other threads on this, but I didn't find any. Have any of y'all seen it yet? It'll be coming through NE OK a week from Saturday. My current plans are to drive to up to Ft Gibson and film it crossing the Neosho River. Link to schedule: https://www.up.com/heritage/steam/schedule/index.htm And a link to a tracking page: https://www.up.com/forms/steam-trace.cfm
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    The cocked loaded rifle, w/o ammo in the chamber should be a SDQ. The reason being that it’s easy enough to accidentally crank a round into the chamber and then, if it’s going to discharge accidentally, it’s likely safer that happen at the loading table. Same way with the shotgun. No one knows that it’s unloaded if it snaps shut. SDQ The penalties are there to reinforce the spirit of the rules, and to instill attention to safety. Changing these infractions to “no calls” will only lead to carelessness. But, you decide which path to take. Cat Brules
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    The Australian military earned four Victoria Crosses in that war: Two of which were posthumous: Warrant Officer II Kevin Wheatley and Major Peter Badcoe. Two others survived to be presented with the decoration: Warrant Officer II Rayene Simpson and Keith Payne. W.O. Simpson was also a winner of the Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) while W.O. Payne is a member of the Order of Australia (OAM) There have been VC awards to others for their actions in the Sandbox as well. Good soldiers.
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    Me and my bunkmate were adopted by a Aussie Canberra bomber crew from Phan Rang or Phan Thiet (never could get them straight. Great guys and the whole base was good to us except one old Warrant Officer who said every time Australia got a good war going the Yanks came along and screwed it up so the Aussies couldn't get any credit.
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