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    Beer and when your cat really needs a haircut!!
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    With my luck they would drop the box from a height of about 8 feet, and it would go through the bottom of the raft. Blub, blub, blub.
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    I wonder how much beer he fed the cat to get it to put up with him shaving it like that?
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    Ya been out shooting thems Bottom feeders again ..... I hope it was a 1911 in .45 at least .... Back from Page 3 ....... Had a great day yesterday ,, AM Memorial Day service to Honor all our Vets both Past and Present .... Then helped hang some Drywall at my Son's place ,,,,, Then his Wife and Him gave us the GREAT NEWS ,,,,,,,, They are having their first in June 2020 !!!! YA HOO !!!!! What a Day .... Coffee and Chilli fer da Grumps .... Jabez Cowboy
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