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    10-66 (used only in England) "Hey, there's some Norman guys camping on the beach."
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    And this ones not bad.....
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    Not familiar with that concept.
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    PWB usually likes to let em go a few pages before he gets to em. I think he likes to watch the train wrecks. He's like that ya know...
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    Bloomberg can be an idiot because he isn't talking to the people who know anything about guns. There's nothing he can say to sway their opinions and he really doesn't care what they think. He's talking to the people who DON'T know anything about guns. And he understands that cliches, catch-phrases, and fear are the keys to communicating his agenda to them.
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    This sparks some memories of Lucas Electronics in British sports cars in my checkered past. I was pretty well grounded in those days and positive about most things. Sometimes I'd get my wires crossed and find some jolting results.
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    Didn't like the book. Didn't like the first movie. Don't see a reason to give the remake a try.
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    With Looney Clooney? I'll pass.
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    What type of action is that 45-70? A lever gun with a 32" barrel will be very heavy and long, requiring a lot of strength to shoot well. In a single shot design, that length is still long enough to let you know it's got a long, heavy barrel. Of course, most long barrels can be cut down to a shorter length if desired. First thing is you ought to consider - how good is your eyesight. If you can't shoot other rifles unless they have a scope on them, you won't be able to shoot long range well without a scope, most likely. There usually is a category for rifles with "period" scope tubes, beware they are also heavy and expensive. If you still see sharply at distance, great. The tang mounted peep sights (very many designs) are the most accurate on a gun. Barrel mounted open sights - less accurate at distance. Second thing is how accustomed to heavy recoil in a rifle you are. Even a light 45-70 load has more recoil than folks who are "maxed out" with the recoil of a cowboy main match gun can handle. A light .45-70 load kicks me about the same as a factory 30-06. Such folks may do much better with a .38-55 or even a .30-30 for long range, although the .30-30 usually runs out of steam past 200 yards or so. What do I shoot? Either a Marlin 1895 lever in .45-70, with 26" barrel, or a Winchester Falling Block (1885) Italian made clone with a 30" barrel, also in 45-70. But I handle recoil pretty well, and have good upper body strength, and can see 20-20 with corrections in my glasses. Third - Consider where would you shoot, both practice and long range matches. Lots of folks get a long range rifle, and peddle it off after a year or so because they just have no place to practice or shoot matches. A cheaply bought gun that you can't or won't shoot is not much of a bargain. If you have the drive to be a long-range shooter, this may be the deal of a lifetime. It's up to you and your circumstances! Good luck, GJ
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    Jerry Reed, Asleep At The Wheel, The Eagles.
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    Um...for someone to give you directions to get you unlost they need to know where you are. If you can tell them where you are, you aren't lost.
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    Buy the Century and then get me the contact info for the fella with the Rossi
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    Oh, so it's a bidding war, is it? Ok, send me 7 dozen and I'll get you two reviews. (I'll send one dozen to Widder for his opinion) Angus p.s. Maybe three reviews. I'll let my wife have one or two of each, too.
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    Maybe they were on the way to Midway. I see shots of the mountains in films set in Miami too. Never could find em though.
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    Keep reading, folks. Although the picture indeed was labeled incorrectly, in the body of the article they got it right. Actually not a bad review. Unfortunately, the film has that vegan anarchist looney tune Woody Harrelson [mis-cast] as Chester Nimitz.
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    When you go to the "landing page," on that "landing page" look under the "Continue" button. Pat, I don't know why, but mine was immediately approved and they accepted my payment.
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    PLUS ONE to Garrison Joe. The only good use I ever found for a Chaparral was as a very expensive Tomato Stake. Lousy rifles. Not actually worth sinking any money into. The Chaparral is not worth the time, effort nor money to correct. Cut your losses and hang it on the wall and get a new rifle from either Miroku or Uberti. The "Set Screw" method does not work with a Side Load Rifle. The Set Screw prevents loading the magazine and converts the rifle to a "Two Shooter."
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    Yet another movie that can't get it straight that Doolittle was nearly bald. Good grief people, there are tons of pics of the man out there!
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    It's called baby steps. I proposed the original rule change to a TG at least a year ago. Trying to get too many rules changed would bring the changes to a standstill. BS
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    So why only change the rule in this one instance? Why not remove the inconsistency and change the rule to allow the same movement at any time with any long gun then? why propose to change only the rifle, only from the LT to the line?
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    Making sure the shooter uses Recovery Method 1 is why, when I am ROing, I tell a shooter (if they ask or hesitate when trying to get going again after a revolver malfunction) to SHOOT THE (JUST ATTEMPTED) TARGET - STAYING IN CORRECT ORDER! Then they can decide to reload 3 or not when they get all of 1st sweep and 2 targets of 2nd sweep "engaged." Say - "Third target" or "You are on #3 of first sweep" Good luck, GJ
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    I think his point was why bother with the review if they couldn't bother to get that detail correct.
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    HWTC = Hoodoo What's The Call Kajun
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    As of this morning he is now running for president. I was wondering when the old guard was going to get someone to run as a democrat so they could get rid of all the radical socialists democrats with their super delegates.
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    I look at this like the dropped round rule. After all the warnings and hand wringing the effect of the rule on safety was nothing. We have plenty of rules regarding keeping control of the guns, and I wouldn't change them. Most of the dropped rounds ended up on a prop, and the shooter picked them up and continued. I've never seen a problem with it. We have plenty of rules on sweeping which no one is suggesting we change. We have plenty of rules on how live rounds in the chamber should be handled. Again, no one suggesting we change those. We treat every firearm as if it were loaded, as you state. I just think that at the start of the stage, if we can ensure the hammer is down on an empty chamber, then safety is not compromised, the shooter is happy, and the TO doesn't have to DQ anybody.
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    Thought I would help out. Here’s what you see in the link... Actually, I wasn’t sure this would work. This is a bigger GIF.
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    Is that worse or better than nuttier than squirrel poop ? This is very poor stage writing by forcing Gunfighters to shoot double duelist.
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    The Highwaymen, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Freddy Fender, Kenny Rogers, Clint Black, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Montgomery Gentry, Faith Hill, Reba McIntire, Alan Jackson, Toby Keith, Hank Junior, David Alan Coe, and many others.
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    Like Traveller said, Sportsman Warehouse. The price is the selling point. $9.99 a pound and a 10% military discount? Makes it hard not to at least give it a try.
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    You can get Black MZ from Sportsman Warehouse for $9.99 / lb. I used to load 9.5 gr behind a 125 g bullet.. Now only use it for sg.
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    Lord Father we ask you to protect Cody and heal his body . Father please give his surgeon a steady and prercice hand . Lord we ask for your cloak of protection over him and walk with him threw this Journey. In Jesus name Amen.
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    You should be charged for that one.
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    People live where they live for a variety of reasons. I was born in AZ and have chosen to stay. My siblings left AZ in search of careers and succeeded in other states. I believe that everyone understands once you set your roots down, families begin and traditions follow. Every state in the west has changed, both for better and worse. AZ has water issues because so many want to green it up just as it was where they came from. In almost all cases, the general populace has very little influence on that change for the following reason. Change is normally voter based, apathy on the part of the voters has hurt the once norms of all societies and communities. I urge all peoples to vote informed, be passionate and educated. All too often those with conservative values do not allow themselves to be heard. Get involved wherever your home is, impact change and embrace your family wherever you call home. Many from CA have left while many have chose to stay, last time I checked we are all free to live where we choose. God speed to those dedicated individuals in those extreme leftist states that are fighting the fight.
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    We will never change to minds of the libs, but if enough people write and use other mens to advocate for gun rights we will change their vote! They will fight to save their jobs. I've had people tell me they don't belong to the NRA for (enter stupid reason here.) Many of them belong to other pro-gun organizations...who are never named by the media or mentioned by politicians. I'm not saying they aren't good, even somewhat effective groups, but the big Boogey Man in congress is the NRA. It costs about as much as a meal for two at a decent restaurant or couple of tickets to a movie for an annual membership. Imagine forty or fifty thousand new members by 2020. The Dems would panic to try to save their jobs, but now imagine a half million or more by election day. And once we've done that we'll have to do it ll over again every single day because these "Progressive" idiots will never give up. Never should we.
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    Thank you for all your work teaching kids, Bob.
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    Nate, Not to argue but, every Stoeger I've examined that was stock had roughly a 3/4" forcing cone with is pretty much industry standard for a budget priced gun not purpose built for trap. The clays guys take them way deeper, close to 3" or slightly over. The difference in felt recoil really surprised me.
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    4 misses
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    The cocked loaded rifle, w/o ammo in the chamber should be a SDQ. The reason being that it’s easy enough to accidentally crank a round into the chamber and then, if it’s going to discharge accidentally, it’s likely safer that happen at the loading table. Same way with the shotgun. No one knows that it’s unloaded if it snaps shut. SDQ The penalties are there to reinforce the spirit of the rules, and to instill attention to safety. Changing these infractions to “no calls” will only lead to carelessness. But, you decide which path to take. Cat Brules
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    I carried my marbles in a sock. I was going into the 5th Grade when we moved from Oklahoma to California. First day at my new school I was the only kid that brought his marbles. I remember thinking, "Why don't any of the California kids have their marbles???" Purees were my favorite marbles. Clowns were my least favorite. Cat Eyes were in the middle. Found out that none of the California kids even knew how to shoot marbles. .
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    Haven’t seen it and probably won’t till it’s out in video, but check out the caption on the photo in this LA Times review. “Lt Commander Jimmy Doolittle” And no, I didn’t bother to read the review after seeing that. https://www.latimes.com/entertainment-arts/movies/story/2019-11-07/midway-review
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    Isn't she past due for retirement?? But we should perhaps not wish for that - the odds are great that we'd end up with someone vastly worse. And the voting regs in this state are now such that we cannot even have a candidate for the opposite party on the ballot. Yup. Tammany Hall on steroids.
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    I’d buy a lb to try it, if I could find it for less than $28 per pound. Anybody know a cheaper source?
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