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    Huh? Wha?? (gotta get me another cup!)
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    Phantomborg don't wear his feelings on his sleeve. I suspect he thinks most of the rest of us don't either. He'd probably give any of us the shirt off his back. After all, its got a huge bullseye on it..... ..........Widderborg
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    Which brings up a life long nagging question: Why is it that the Moderators always get in the last word before a thread is locked..... ..........Widder
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    I dressed up as Richard Pryor with his hair on fire one year and everybody thought that was a hoot, wonder what the reaction would be now days? My how things have changed.
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    The most beautiful buckle I've ever seen.
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    Man, those oldies are scarier than anything I've seen in recent years!
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    Texas Maverick, Don't do it. CT sucks, especially when compared to the great state of Texas. I've grown up here, and if it wasn't for work and family I would be out of here. All kidding aside, they are pretty communist up here regarding gun laws. I got my pistol permit years ago, but I don't think its changed much since. Red Wolf
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    I doubt Charley Daniels will make a song about it. The Phantom went down to Georgia, he was looking for Captain Bill doesn't sound right for some reason.
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    I'm sorry I didn't have a clever insult for you. I know I haven't done so in some time and that you must miss that. Put some Tupelo honey on a biscuit and wash it down with some Jack Daniels on my behalf sometime.
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    Of course the Baptist Category would require "Cross" draw Duh
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    So I am relying on very old memories to answer this question. Sepharia translates as people of the book. Sephariam therefore would be books or more accurately texts of the Old Testament or of Talmudic teachings.
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    I think I made the right decision to take my name out of the running for the position. I would end up in jail for sure. TM
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    Holy Cow! That’s an even older picture of Keith Richards!
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    Wild Bunch is a side match..... (ducks and hides).
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    Anytime it's above 40 F , below 90 F and no rain a day at the range is a fun day.
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    Found this in our driveway after returning home from the "Buzzard Boil" in Connecticut!
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    They are great 'lawn mowers'. Then BBQ in the Fall............ OLG
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    Well yeah! Because it's the guns that are the real problem. The folks that use guns to commit crimes are just victims of the gun.
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    Ah . . . makes imperfect cents
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    That's some good stuff right there Joe.
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    I give out plastic Halloween themed finger rings, pencils and toy spiders etc, no candy. Cheap, easy to store for next year, dont make me fat afterwards. Imis
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    I remember Riding a Horse just like that Way Back ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in August of 2019 .... Jabez Cowboy
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    I very much prefer a bandolier because for me it is faster and more natural type movements than a belt. Also, it restricts my body movement less and is much more comfortable to wear.
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    Yankees who believe they “won” The War of Northern Aggression by paying a third of their income in taxes.
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    I’ll give em a try. Please PM me with your info and I’ll send payment. ML
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    FWIW- The FA grip is a cross between the plow handle and Bisley. The .454 is well known for the 'snap' in it's recoil. OLG
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    W, I have probably shot near a 1000 rounds of 454 ammo thru several 454s, all Freedom Arms. I still own a 6" and 10" although seldom fire them since I have given up most hunting of big game. I also shot a 475 Lin in a M87 FA that was in test and I came to conclusion that the 454 Casull would do all I needed it to do for game and much more versatile in loading A 260 at near 1900 to a 185 at 1400 are favorite loads. Bullseye can give you nice "pussycat" loads with most any bullet if desiring just a practice load. 454 C is one excellent cartridge. I have taken some 18 bull elk with one, including several well over 100 yards, an antelope, pigs, numerous whitetail, and even Mountain goat. If one has the desire, the recoil will not be factor. I guess I was one of those because I practiced with full house loads and actually enjoyed it. But then that's part of the thrill of hunting. Yes, trigger discipline is a must, but it should be with any gun for the serious hunter, especially the handgun hunter. Personally, I would not recommend 454 in Ruger as I feel there are bargains out there on used FAs that would be better. If ever a question, be glad to help. In my IHMSA days, I enjoyed FA 10" M87s in 353, 41, and 44 mag. Such accuracy in revolvers. Note: When I shot the 475 in test I was at a writers event and another writer had just tried it. I was hesitant in trying it but he said that recoil was not bad, "it would just roll to side of your head". He actually was quite right. The recoil was certainly there but handling was not bad since it did have that roll to side on its way up. I do think 454 might be more rearward, bet I have hit my cap/hat brim a time or two.
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    44/45s are better for edgers because if it was a 38 it would be a miss Largo
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    Unfortunately drivers with bad temperaments are commonplace. Twice this past summer I got flipped off just for passing a slowpoke on a two-lane road. Apparently not only is it their right to drive under the speed limit on a bright sunny day but nobody is allowed to pass them either. In both cases I simply ignored them rather than acknowledge their selfishness.
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    That article made me feel woke. It sounds more like another excuse to raise at eyebrow against shooting in the holy name of climate change and environmental hatred. So woke that on my way home today, I am going to stop and buy a six pack of sugary soft drinks in plastic bottles and then throw throw the plastic rings and bottle right in the garbage. ...then I'm going to eat meat, dairy, and gluten for dinner
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    @Smokey Dave Thanks, just PM me with the details whenever you have them.
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    That's easy--none of them know about it!
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    What is Ace of Hearts secret in having so many girlfriends?
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    Henry Big Boy More difficult stages to slow down those gamers Is the term "gamer" a compliment or insult? What exactly does Phantom mean when he says "Oy"?
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    I'll try to remember to snap a few pics of one after I get off work today. I know for a fact that it had to be sent back to Ruger out of the box due to timing/cycling issues.
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    Anyone thinking that self regulation by switching to fiber or other eco friendly wads will keep politicians from legislating a ban is smoking wacky weed!
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    Right! When you’re trying to find something why is it always the last place you look!
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    Steampunk Hawaiian. Challenge Accepted!
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    After two years of enjoying shooting at the Pine Ridge Regulators, Saturday was my last match. I shot it clean and was number one in the Classic Cowboy category. (I was the only one in the CC category...) In two weeks it will be my last NCOWS match in Indiana. After that, I'm off to Prescott, A.T. I figure by February I'll be settled down enough to start looking around for a local club. I saw there is the Whiskey Row Gunslingers or something along those lines and then Winter Range that some of my pards from Indiana may be attending. It is bittersweet, but we have been waiting for this for a decade. The company I work for made me an offer that my wife couldn't refuse!
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    Fun is 100% subjective. There is no "fun" scale I can look at to determine if I think a match would be one I wish to attend. So I have to look at the actual metrics of a match and base my opinion on that. Clean shooters is a metric that I can use to judge not only the target sizes and distances; but the clarity of the stage writing as well. And because events rarely happen in a vacuum - those same club officers who make the effort to write matches with clear instructions and well placed targets are more likely to be paying attention to all the other details as well. I go to cowboy shoots to shoot. Everything that is not the match is a (way, way) distant second in my valuation. I'm not there to dance - I'm not there to listen to cowboy poetry - I'm not there for whiskey tastings - I came to shoot. Clean shooters is my most valuable measurement to determine the attractiveness of a match.
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    Whadda ya mean, "could have?" Why... I had me a glass o' Cabernet just last night!
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    Oh horsefeathers. This device is an answer desperately seeking a problem. Contrary to Lefty, I load exclusively with a Tower of Power (Shameless Plug for DDD). Of course, my Main Match guns are SNUBBIES and do not have a loading lever attached. Trust me .... I can ram 5 balls a lot faster than one could hope to screw that loader down. I also am able to set a specific seating depth. Rams the same every time. I would suggest if one were in fact considering this device, send ME the check instead. That way, at least one of us would be happy with the purchase. Tequila: NO. Back in the day, nobody reloaded a percussion revolver inna fight. Super good way to get killed really quick. Back in the day the common reload was to grab another fully loaded revolver. Was not uncommon for fighting men to carry as many as six revolvers on their person and another two in Pommel holsters. Making paper cartridges is a true GROAN. Were I in a situation where I suspected the need for a reload, I'd just carry charged cylinders. Or ... better yet, a crane fed 45 with moon clips.
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    Howdy First off, wood is a natural product, so the color can vary from stock to stock. It is true that both Cimarron and Taylor's import Uberti products, and other than the name stamped on the barrel, they are identical. What many shooters don't realize is that when they left the factory, most Winchesters had a red stain applied to the wood under the varnish. Most are used to seeing old guns where the old finish oxidized, or has been refinished. More of a brown walnut color is going to be present on an old gun. This model 1873 left the factory in 1887. The old varnish wore off years ago and the wood was refinished with oil at some point. Hence the brown color. This old Winchester was refinished at some point, The wood was stained and refinished to resemble the way it looked when it left the factory. Notice how much redder it is. Pretty similar to the color of a new Uberti stock.
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    Save your money......Get a Bridgeport with X,Y & Z, digital read out Most commercial vertical mills like Bridgeport's run on 440-VAC. OLG
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