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    https://ponderosa-pines.com/ Black Gold July 16 - 18, 2020 Ponderosa Pines, Manchester, KY Located 2.2 miles off Exit 20, Hal Rogers Parkway in Manchester, KY. Ponderosa Pines is 20 miles East of I-75, at London, KY, and 30 miles West of Hazard, KY
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    Note: The Donkey Nostrils above is the 500th contribution to this thread!
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    Count us in. I've got a coconut bra and grass skirt. Hopefully shooting outlaw won't catch the skirt on fire
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    SASS Alias: Sweet & Sassy Cindy SASS # 106680 where I am from: Born & raised in the Florida Panhandle How long have I been shooting: Almost 2 years, but I don’t really count this past year.
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