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    ... and, dang, it turned into an all-day job before it was over. Measuring wrist, measuring forearm, calculating the curves so the ends would be square when buttoned up around my arm, and on and on and on. I saved a lot of time by using some simple tooling instead of carving, and more time by staining them all the same color, instead of two tone. All in all, I'm happy with the way they turned out, but it's easy to understand how these things, even simple ones like this, often have an eighty or hundred dollar price tag or more.
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    I run a match for the Sloughhouse Irregulars. We shoot on 5th weekend days. Since we're shooting both days this weekend, I thought I'd try 2 very different matches. Today was a shooting challenge. Each stage had 5 targets from 5 yards to 20 yards. Engage each target twice with pistols, engage each target twice with Rifle, knock over the shotgun targets (either 2 or 4). Gun order is shooters choice. Start at low surrender and make up a line. Lots of misses, no P's. Lots of smiles. Folks seemed to really enjoy something completely out of the ordinary. There were a TON of smiles, even with the misses. Doing something new and unusual isn't a bad idea, especially in an area were folks can shoot every weekend. Granted, I stole the idea from Steel Challenge. Tomorrow is a mix of up close and personal, plate racks, and movement. Looking forward to the reaction. Shooters will start at position of choice with gun(s) in both hands. Our next match isn't until March. I've lots of time to work up some new ideas. Frankly, I'm sorta surprised no one marched me off to the gallows today. Don't be afraid to mix it up and bring some variety back. 12/30 Followup: Another super fun match today! 4 stages of very close targets, simple scenarios, 1 stage with a bunch of knock downs, and 1 stage with close targets and downrange movement (10 targets, 5 on the right, 5 on the left, move downrange while engaging 1 shot on each with pistols). 12 shooters came out and 7 shot clean. Tons of smiles. Everyone really enjoyed the stage with downrange movement. Doc
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    'Bout 25 years ago, the future ex-Mrs Hardpan advised me one day that I was going to lend my tractor to her co-worker’s husband, who lived about a mile or so from us. Okay… tractors are kinda tough… So the fella shows up Saturday with his wife, and after introductions are made, drives off on my '64 Massey Ferguson-135 with a promise to return it in a couple of days. He did. But in short order, he decided that golly gee, this must be the “communal tractor.” I drove past his house one day and there he was, moving earth with my tractor and scraper. I stopped and discussed the matter with him; he grinned and said he didn’t think I’d mind so he'd bought his own key and LOOK! he’d even bought a couple of stabilizer bars for the scraper. Well, I made it quite clear to him that I was more than amenable to his using the beast, but to NEVER again take it without permission. After all, it was mine, and I used it often. So he called some time later and asked if he could borrow it. I told him he could use it for two or three days during the week, but I needed it early Saturday. He came and drove it off, with a full tank of gas. Saturday morning, no tractor. Couldn’t get him on the phone ‘til later that afternoon… “Well, I’m not done yet. Can’t I bring it tomorrow after church?” Grumpily, I agreed. Sunday afternoon – LATE afternoon, after a reminder call, he rumbles and stutters into my driveway. “Ha ha…! Just enough gas to get it here! God was looking out for me!” Sure ‘nuff, it had died as soon as he drove up – outta gas. He did this once again, then another time I had to walk to his place to get the thing – and the grille was missing. “Hey, Roy! Where in Hell is the grille??” “Oh, it must’ve been stolen!” I was NOT happy, but his wife was my future ex’s good friend, and she strongly suggested it would be wise to continue lending it to him. Then one day he called and asked… I told him “no,” that I had a full weekend of tractor work planned… he said he was absolutely DESPERATE and PROMISED to have it back Friday evening or at the latest, VERY early on Saturday – WITH a full tank of gas. Okay. With a look from the future ex-, I relented. Saturday, early morning. No tractor. Late morning. No tractor. No answers to phone. Finally, I got his wife on the phone… “Sheila, where’s Roy…?” “Oh, he left before dawn to go fishing! He worked hard every evening doing tractor work so he’d be done by this morning…” I hiked over and fetched it. Cooled off enough by the time I got there to calmly drive it home… with JUST enough gas in the tank to make the one mile trip. Phone call a few nights later. “Uh… Hardpan… I don’t s’pose you’d let me use the tractor this weekend…?” Uh, no. Nope. Never, ever, ever again. And this time the ex-Mrs Hardpan didn’t say a word nor give a look.
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    After a very hard fought small town basketball tournament lastnight.: Our team(Blue/white/gray) has a prayer at mid court after every game. Well last night the opponents asked to join and they all recited the Lord's prayer. Does the heart good to see that.
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    We had our 2nd annual “Iron Cowboy” match today. Lots of fun! stage 1: gunfighter. Stage 2: dualist stage 3: 2 handed stage 4: buckaroo (.410s & .22s) stage 5: outlaw stage 6: Wild bunch It was a blast. Got a chance to try something new. Got laughed at for missing on the outlaw stage. Had fun with the 22 & 410. (I forget how much fun they can be to shoot!) Would not want to do it every month, but once a year on a 5th Saturday match it’s a lot of fun. The shooters who preferred to shoot their regular catagory they could do that as well.
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    I’m with you J-Bar, that’s why I hold an annual gun cart raffle with all of the money from ticket sales going to the LOCAS (Ladies Of Cowboy Action Shooting). What a great way to keep the ladies active in our sport and possibly attract more. I don’t see anything politically correct about it, it’s about keeping our sport alive. I remember matches not so long ago where there weren’t any lady shooters present and I’m glad that’s changed. Who doesn’t like to hear a woman’s laughter after they’ve shot a clean stage or their first clean match? Keep up the good work.
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    Because he didn't find anything to buy, and he was in a hurry to get to the gun store.
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    Gunfight right in my house!!
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    A local shooting range has ladies only courses. The courses are taught by female NRA instructors for all women classes. This is done to eliminate what some people call "testosterone intimidation". These classes when first offered were well accepted and continue to be very successful. Nothing politically correct about it, just finding a way to serve half of the population without the other half of the population Ramboing up saying, "No no no! You're doing it wrong, here let me show you the right way."
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    Geez, Forty, that’s not the way it was. It was just a bunch of guy cowboys trying to do something nice for a bunch ladies whom we enjoy shooting with. Nothing political about it at all. Kinda like holding a door open for a lady, made them feel special. The club hosts about 34 other matches a year (4th Saturday and Sundays each month plus a midweek shoot once a month) that are open to you and everyone else, so the Women’s match isn’t very restrictive. And everyone had fun at it, the most important thing, OK? I was a spotter and the other cowboys did the other posse chores so all the ladies had to do was enjoy the shooting. And they did!
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    If any man figures out this topic , they will change all the rules .
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    Luckiest guy in the world.
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    ordered 2 of them. thanks for the heads up! Wife told me to go ahead and get hardwood floors put down. Thanks OLG, I told her you insisted... I also decided to set up the Dillon 550. Bought a craftsman tool chest, reinforced the top and mounted it. Ordered the 45 Colt dies and conversion kit. Thanks everyone for the posts. Some great looking set ups and I got some new ideas and inspiration from looking through them.
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    Once when Hubby wasn't home, a friend asked to borrow a tool. I loaned it to him. He got paint all over it and didn't clean it up. Hubby had to go get it back. Once at an annual match, they had an unannounced Josie Wales stage. I loaned three pistols to a friend. Hubby (gunboy/gunsmith) was irritated that I did that, as the person just threw my pistols down after use. Now I know why he asked me (softy, really) not Hubby to borrow them. We still like those people. However, there are some people you never loan stuff to. I WILL NEVER LOAN HUBBY'S STUFF OR STUFF HUBBY TAKES CARE OF TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN.
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    Bordertown has a Long Range? What are the targets placed at.... 50 yds?
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    Bought it from an old farmer back in '91... named it "Rocinante." Smokes, but still runs strong. The Kid wants to overhaul and paint her this summer. 2007, Sassparilla Kid, age 15
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    Sir, your Timex with a fifteen dollar Chinese quartz movement may indeed keep reasonable time but I can assure you the automatic Rolex regulated to +/- 2 seconds a day is a greater pleasure to wear. More to the point, as you yourself made, the Colt, like the Rolex, has vastly more resale value. Some of us like exquisite machines with history and some of us prefer a relative bargain. There is no right or wrong. Value is subjective to the individual but it is objective in the marketplace as evidenced by the resale values of Rolexes and Colts versus Timexes and Ubertis. I’ll stick with Colts.
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    Nope, it's first on the list so I can play Wild Bunch and be on the way to CC
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    I find it interesting that we saw are largest growth spurt within the game when this type of thing was still pretty common. Wasn’t so terrible then I guess.
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    Correction to my previous post: We have a neighbor, who I would loan anything to. He takes care of stuff. I've shared some of his history with folks and they are skeptical about my trust. Hubby borrows the neighbor's wood splitter and before he returns it, Hubby washes it more thoroughly than he washes his truck. You get what you give.
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    I started the game with a Colt New Frontier in .44 sp and a Ruger Vaquero 7.5” in .44 mag. And I have been lucky enough to purchase or trade for a few more Colts another NF for less than I paid for the first one because the guy had got it from an estate cheap the first one was 640 with an auction premium and the second was 600. I am one of those people who like Winchester’s and Colts because that’s what the “cowboys” I know used. I do not fault others who play with their brand of toys and kind of resent those that tell me how I should value mine. I have never shot a gun with an action job and will only repair my guns with the oringinal style parts. But that’s just me so let me be!
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    Problem I had with a coworker. Actually two. I worked here. So my box stayed here. Numbnuts had no tools of his own (was new to the job) and asked if he could use some of mine. Sure. Then one day I come out of the office and go to here, and my box is gone. It's way the hell down at the other end of the hanger, where he's working. WHAT THE HELL, MAN? i needed the tools. THEY SELL 'EM AT SEARS. He weren't happy when I rolled my box back, and less happy when I told him NO next time. 6 - 8 months later. Box was unlocked, I wasn't around, and he went in and got my carbide scribe. Not no big thing. Cost less than five bucks. But he took it without asking, then used it for a prybar and broke the tip off. He did fess up. i borrowed your scribe and broke it. here. And he holds out a five dollar bill to pay for it. SCREW THAT SHIT. HI YOUR HAPPY ASS DOWN TO SEARS AND BUY ME ANOTHER ONE. He did not comprehend the difference between paying for what he broke, and REPLACING what he broke.
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    Public agencies, including police, are affected nationwide by “activists”. Corporations are no different. The problem is they cave in to these morons. The more they cave in, the more it empowers these fools. Somehow, some way this has to stop.
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    Hmmm, I see a business opportunity. Like a translation app. Would ya'll pay for that?
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    being able to squeeze out space in a one bedroom apartment is pretty dang awesome!
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    @Half Deaf Hoss DeverauxDeveraux I'd go with this: http://www.knightsleatherproducts.com/StarterRig.html or D.A.D. Custom Leather on eBay
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    not at the one here,,, they don't even have trigger locks on their used guns or new ones
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    The Browns were named after Paul Brown, one of the all time best coaches in the history of football! If people want to be childish and refer to something "brown and stinky" then fine for them! When they grow up then I'll talk to them!
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    Hmmmm. I'm confused as well. If you call the pistols a "string" then he shot one half of that string THEN picked up and loaded another gun (round under a cocked hammer) and then shot the second part of the 10 shot string while holding a loaded and cocked firearm. I sure would have called it as a P at the least, or a SDQ for having a loaded round under the hammer.
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    What's the over on the number of pages?? Hey!! PW!!! Got any more of them Black Stars??
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    Looks like most of the series can be found on YT. Going to have to watch it.
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    So I just gotta ask. What do you have better luck with wimmen or tractors?
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    Who are you and what have you done with the Doc Shapiro I used to know? Only kidding. As a matter of fact, the Oak Ridge Outlaws can look forward to something very much like this in January.
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    No doubt you have a much better pulse on SASS than I do, but do you really think a stage with a revolver reload would prevent anyone from joining and shooting now? I can only speak to locally here in the South/Southest, but we are seeing some new faces. I'm not one of the fastest and may never be, but if someone writes it, I'll shoot it; I even try to thank them for it regardless of whether I like it.
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    I think the dualist had more trouble shooting 2 handed than I did dualist’
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    Great choice for your first C&B. Be careful where you store it or it will multiply with many different C&B revolvers. DC
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    Both... At the same time...duh!
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    I learned a LONG LONG time ago, there's TWO things I never loan out. I married one of em. The "others" are locked in my tool boxes.
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    Got this Single Six Colorado Centennial in .22/.22 mag from my wife and bought myself this Lemon Squeezer in .38 S&W
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    Here you go. I collect vintage tin signs and cowboy ephemera as well. The Hornady for .45-70 isn’t mounted to the bench in these pictures.
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    I set my foot down and told my wife most firmly, I'll take them down when you tell me to!! And not before.
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    Bet you are using fired brass. .45 Auto guns often do not have a "full-support" chamber. And some folks like to run real hot loads in them. And chamber checkers are REAL tight in their dimensions. All 3 of these facts lead to failure to chamber check in a cartridge gauge. Even though the rounds probably easily fall into the chamber of your barrel. You will, if you measure the OD of the cases that fail to check out, probably find the lower 1/4 of the case has swelled a little. If that area gets over ABOUT 0.476" diameter, the check gauge catches it, about 3/4 of the way into the gauge. If ammo hangs up just 50 thousandths of an inch short of going all the way in, then that is a large "rim" on the case head. Although the SAAMI chamber dimensions allow larger than 0.476" diameter rims, all the check gauges I have tried don't. Both of those problems are solved easily by buying a Lee Factory Crimp Die, and the "bulge buster (base sizer) kit" from Lee. Take the guts out of the crimp die. Use the parts from the bulge buster base sizer kit in a single-stage press and push the brass (either before or after loading) completely through the factory crimp die body. The carbide ring in the die will take off any bulges or large rims because the carbide ring has a hole of 0.476". Why doesn't your .45 auto sizer die remove the bulge or rim excess? It's doesn't reach far enough down to size the case wall just above the extractor groove, nor can it touch the rim. Here's a catalog listing for the bulge buster: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1012847155/lee-bulge-buster-base-sizing-kit-380-auto-40-s-and-w-45-acp and the Lee FCD die: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/716704/lee-carbide-factory-crimp-die Now, a third common problem is that you have used a slug that catches in the "throat" area of the gauge die. If you are shooting a 230 grain round nose, SOME DESIGNS of those are real sensitive to seating depth. Seat the bullets so that the starting point of the nose curve (called the ogive) is just barely out of the case mouth. This keeps lead of the bullet nose from jamming into the rifling that starts almost immediately ahead of the chamber in a 1911 barrel. Fourth, and not all that common, is lead shaving in the crimp because you did not bell the case mouth enough. You can see that problem as small lead bulges right at the case mouth. Good loading technique leaves no lead shavings there. For range brass that I use, I find about 10% of the brass will not chamber check when loaded because the base swelled up when someone fired a heavy load. A quick pass through "bulge busting" and those loaded rounds will chamber check just fine. Good luck, GJ
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