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Priddy’s Hard

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Priddy’s Hard was where all Royal Navy warships, including HMS Victory, came to load up their guns and ammunition up until the Falklands War in 1982. Safely outside the range of Portsmouth Dockyard, Priddy’s Hard stored munitions too dangerous to be kept at the main site and was home to a multitude of different personnel and professions.  

This historic location, complete with original 1771 ‘powder keg’, has been completely reimagined as a testimonial to naval firepower. From exhilarating exhibitions, immersive recreations, and authentic armaments from across the centuries Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower is guaranteed to put a bang in your day.





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You asked about the Harvey, but not the KC. Does that mean you knew what the KC was?


I didn't know what either was, but your link explained the Harvey and there was a link in the Harvey site explaining the Krupp Cemented.

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my father had a lathe in our shop at home - i used it a few times , it was used to turn steel projectiles during the war , we ended up with it when the company he worked for sold off a lot of the outdated and undersized pieces of equipment they used in those years , it was a small turret lathe that was big in our garage shop , but wow was it nice equipment - far better than my high school shop had , 

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