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Prime Rib into Rib Eye Steaks

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Our local Safeway market had it's Easter sale when it sells big hams and prime rib for really cheap prices. I bought a large prime rib and cut it into really nice rib eye steals. The prime rib was on sale for 5.98/pound. It weighed 9.8# and I got 10 nice steaks out of it. Rib Eyes for 5.98 a pound, what a buy! I also cut off the ribs and put them in my smoker and then grill them.


We do it every year when they have a sale at Easter and Christmas. 


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I used to do that, a great deal, and if from Costco, they even have online cutting instructions.  For the last several years, I have bought a beef from a rancher friend.  It goes to a local packing house and I split it with my two adult kids.  The last one averaged out around $4 per pound.  We are already on a list for a pig to try that.  Anyone living in the right kind of area, might consider asking around.

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I just took a gatherGANDER at the sale flyers of the two stores I generally shop at. One has a standing rib roast for $11.99, and bone in ribeye steaks for $12.99. hmmm  But it is both organic and Angus beef, which may have something to do with why it costs so damn much.


The other store has standing rib roast for $6.99. But you have to buy $20 worth of stuff which cannot include the cost of the roast. Also can't include gift cards or Western Union or cigarettes or lottery tickets or anything else on a long list.


I noticed that neither store has prime meat. Both of them have choice. Kind of hard to get prime rib from a choice roast.


But, I have been known to be picky like that.


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1 hour ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

Ima and I still remember the outstanding Venison you cooked for us at RR-BAR, many years ago.

Still the best we ever had! ;)

We had a great time at that shoot and really enjoyed feeding our group. Changed some peoples mind about the taste of wild game meat too!

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