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Well, it's not going to be much fun. Count on it. We need to work on long term goals and put out some immediate fires (that are here because of the other guys' long term plans).


First off, the Instagram platform is here to stay. As one that scans the platform for the anti-gun agenda, they are relentless in pushing their narrative. A few short years ago you didn't hear terms like Gun Violence, Gun Sense, Common Sense Gun Laws. You didn't see stats that say guns are the number one killer of kids in America, and guns in the home increase the odds of suicide/homicide with the gun.


Well a backyard pool also increases the odds of drowning, but they don't let that stop them. What they have done is put together an identity that revolves around the premise of safety. And if you oppose the "safety" you are the problem. Never mind they like to manipulate stats to push their ideas. For example, a recent internal memo generated by the Chicago Police defines a "youth" as an individual between 14 and 25 years of age. Can you see where that is going?


If you don't have Instagram on your phone, please get it. You can also access it from a computer. You don't have to post, but just read what is out there. These are strategies to deprive you of your rights being broadcast in real time. Not one politician at the state and federal that I have checked out does not have an Instagram page. And their staff reads it. It is probably the most used format for a politician to gauge the momentum of their electorate. And we are not doing so well in that area.


I remember in the mid 80's going back to college. I had to take courses in radical political and social theory that focused on Karl Marx and others. I thought it was silly, and reported as such to my family and conservative home town. What was a novelty and caused much giggling at the local bars was a big red flag and I missed it (as did many others). After that we saw young folks, who we made fun of, run for local office. They initially got beat and were dismissed as idiots. But they eventually got elected. Don't delude yourself that your conservative county, state, zip code is immune. In the 80's Naperville, was the epitome of an affluent Chicago suburb. Hardcore conservatives. Now Naperville is one of a few towns that has a municipal assault weapons ban. Even in my own deep red congressional district, there are threats.


We need to take local elections much more seriously. You need to find conservative candidates, or consider running yourself. Yes it will require some $$ to put your people in office. Think long term. You can spend a couple of C-notes on some gun stuff now, or back a candidate who may be the deciding vote on giving your kids and grandkids their Second Amedment rights.


And folks, we need to start calling our "Second Amendment rights", our "Civil Rights." If you challenge a politician on a gun issue, you will be labeled as a "gun nut." But if you say this legislation violates my civil rights, more people will stop and listen. And we really need folks to listen. So give them something to listen to and think about.


And since this is in TEAM SASS, I doubt it will get close to 100 views.


Probably should have started with the Ginger and Mary Ann theme.


Appreciate your time.




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Well said, Lawdog!  SB

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I agree with all you said. I’d like to add that the NRA is on Instagram so check it out. 

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If you are trying to reach Gen Z & millennials Instagram is so yesterday.  You have to swim in the Chinese swamp.

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