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Slowaz Molasses

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There is really no good setup for the Buffalo Classic. 

When I did mine .

I ended up with putting two zert studs in the wood stock and the putting a Winchester Tang sight on so it was much stronger and secure then just wood screws .

Good luck on your adventure. 


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1998 Krag sight mounted ahead of barrel tulip. Accurate, easier to find & buy, easier to have mounted, not mounted to wood, ...

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The Smith Enterprise goes on the barrel and works very well. I have one on mine. The only issue I had was that the sight was dead on at 200 yards but you couldn't adjust it for the 100 yard targets. I have bought a new front sight for it that is taller so I can now get more adjustment for the sight. if you find one it is a good one for the Buffalo Classic.



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What @Palouse sez above.  ;)


Either an 1884 Buffington or 1901 Krag sight.  


1884 Buffingtonimage.png.8b84978d18b3b44e89cafaff690cf650.png       1901 Krag image.png.00f4f23c9565d9649a0c1958ebc1661d.png


Either will work, and work well.  Infinitely adjustable, and you'll have more windage and elevation than you'll ever need, want, or could use.  :)


How do I know this...?  Well.....  ^_^





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Looks like a lot more and better options then 12 years ago when I started my adventures. 

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  • Slowaz Molasses changed the title to WTB- Smith Enterprise ladder sight for H&R Buffalo Classic

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