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WTB—Ryder Shotshell Sizer.

Yeldog 4078

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Links listed in the video comments:

Get a Ryder Shotgun Sizer for yourself by contacting:

Rubicon Ryder: rubiconryder@gmail.com

Big Iron Buster: bigironbuster@yahoo.com

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1 hour ago, Toranado, SASS # 58447 said:

Or get this one that does same or better for 50 % less price




Johnny Meadows was selling them at Bordertown last weekend and sold out, said it was best version of this tool he’s seen.




Hard to tell in the pictures... Is the tool machined or is it 3D printed? I wasn't able to tell...

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The part that taper's the shell is 3d printed so that it conforms and tapers to the exact SASS spec's allowed.


A guy here in the midwest is the one making them and selling them.   Many of us have been using them here for the whole summer shooting season with great results and the tool has held up well!

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