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France’s weapon against terrorist drones

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No not her, the eagle!

France has had a lot of concerns surrounding the terror attacks in recent years.

One aspect of their concern was elevated with an increasingly sophisticated use of drones by civilians.

In turn - they have begun hiring, er, training Golden Eagles - one of the largest birds of prey in the world, with incredible vision and deadly powerful claws.

Seriously though - these birds are unbelievably big:


Through repeated training sessions, harnessing their speed, ferocity and precision, the French Military currently has several Golden Eagles in their employ. (Source: Terrorists are building drones. France is destroying them with eagles. Washington Post. Selk, Avi)

They make it look easy.


So why hire birds and not just shoot the drones out of the sky?

Well - think about it - where do terrorists commonly target? Crowds of people.

The birds targeting these drones will prevent sharp objects, anti-aircraft explosives, and debris from hitting people.

And - giant hawks are just awesome

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Talked to a falconer a couple of years ago and she said that a bald eagle can apply in excess of 1000 pounds of pressure with it's talons.


To put that into context a pit bull terrier bites with 225 pounds of pressure, a German Shepherd bite is 235 pounds of pressure and a wolf bite is in the neighborhood of 700 pounds of pressure.



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Auburn has a pregame tradition of releasing a golden eagle that's trained to come to the trainer standing at the logo on the 50 yard line.


Seeing it live is an experience.  As far as I am concerned, it's one of- if not THE- most impressive pregame ritual in all of sports.



The bald eagle that flew at the Salt Lake City Olympics opening ceremonies was named Nova and was also from Auburn's raptor research and rehabilitation center.

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13 hours ago, Smuteye John SASS#24774 said:

The golden eagles change every few years.  There was one called Tiger, too.

All the eagles are wild animals that were injured, brought in for medical attention and rehabilitated at the raptor center. Auburn doesn't just work with eagles. The raptor center also has owls, hawks and falcons that have been brought in due to injuries.  The goal is healing them and releasing them back into the wild.


Unfortunately, the eagles you see flying at events have been disabled enough by their injuries that, while they can stil fly, they are unable to survive in the wild.


Auburn Raptor Center

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