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Charles Manson's son?

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From a local news site.


Creepy as hell.



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I recently read a article about Manson's children. None of them wanted to be associated with Manson but, of course, the media wouldn't/won't leave them alone. One of the sons committed suicide as he couldn't deal with the burden of being Manson's son. The rest have strived to maintain their distance to him and his name. One of his grandsons claimed his body and disposed of his carcass because he felt that it was the right thing to do even though he hated the legacy. I feel sorry for the offspring of notoriously criminal people. They didn't have a choice over their parents, they just have to live with the infamy of their name and heritage. I, personally, couldn't imagine my life if my father had been a Hitler, Stalin, Manson or thousands of other reviled monsters.


There have been many evil people that have idolized and emulated Manson. I don't know if the moron that this thread is about claims any Manson connect or not but one thing is for sure...this idiot is just another loser.

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