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Here's a GOOD cop question


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Gibbs and McGee going toGO INTO a Catholic Church to ask the nun a question. And they both leave their hats on. And I'm saying rude things to the television set.


But then I wondered.


If you go into a church, you're supposed to take your hat off. Everybody knows that. And I'm not talking about a Jewish temple.


But I remember one of Wambaugh's books, where the pro explained to the rookie that you don't take your hat off because that takes one of your hands out of action. You leave your hat on your head when you walk into the little old lady's house, because you might need to have both hands.


And I wondered if police, going into a church, would leave their uniform hat on because they might need both hands?

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Our Department rule was If you were in a building or car you did not need to have your hat on as you were covered.  If you were outside you were required to wear a hat.  We broke this rule a lot, and didn't wear our hats whenever we thought we could get away with it.  They tended to give us away when we were try to sneak and peek.  They were good for working sporting events, etc., but otherwise a PITA.

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When I was on the street, just before the last comet hit earth, hats were removed in churches but synagogues the hat was left on or a request of the rabbi to provide yarmulkes. Usually the Rabbi allowed our hats or helmets depending on neighborhood. 
However when working SEB, Special Enforcement Bureau, we always wore our helmets. Tough crowd. 

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My chief told me to leave my hat off all the time because every time I wore my trooper style hat I got complaints that I was rude and condescending even though video tapes didn’t show me anything like that but days I didn’t wear the hat I got fewer complaints.  

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