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Thanks Utah Bob

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This came up in my FB memories. When UB shared this with the rest of us a year ago it struck a cord with me as the timing was spot on. 


A few yesterdays back things weren’t so good
In fact they were dark as a charred hunk of wood
But I did what I did and I did what I could
And today everything seems alright.
I could whine about water gone over the dam
Complain about how cold and lonely I am
Or scoop some stream water and taste just a dram
And tell myself things are alright
Now tomorrow’s tomorrow and sometimes they say
You should plan for the worst of the dark rainy day
But to me it seems like it’s a long way away
And right now everything’s just alright
Looking up at the sky there’s a big patch of blue
And there past the peaks there an eagle just flew
There’s a few things I know now that I never knew
And I guess things are going alright
When you get through a rough spot that sure wasn’t fun
And you find yourself sitting there warm in the sun
Just be glad that it looks like you finally won
And be glad that you’re feeling alright
Don’t worry bout what was or what things might be
Don’t fret over “what ifs”, just listen to me
You’re breathing, you’re thinking, and thank God you’re still free
And for right now, everything is alright
R. De Groff
Thank you for this Bob.
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Family, Sailng, iceboating, shooting, rugby, horse packing, hunting, flying, scuba diving, investment banking, electric railroad motorman, isshinryu karate, judo, Marine Corps, jumping, SeaScout and dirt Scout leader, dutch oven contestant and more have made my life full and exciting

well beyond anything I could ever have expected as a boy.

The memories are so incredible that my only regrets are having possibly  not done more.

Now it's time to coach kids and do as much shooting and other old fart stuff as my body will allow.

What an incredible life and such wonderful memories!!!




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Thanks Pards.

I get blue and tear up a bit at the oddest times: I still wear the wedding ring she slipped on my finger over 54 years ago.

I'll come across something that reminds me of her and it hurts.

I miss my girl.

This was her on her 50th birthday.

Sherron @ 50 B Day (2).jpg

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