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Three Rifles and a Shotgun

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I once shot a match where the regular main match rifle was replaced with a long range rifle, either a single shot or a repeater, with alternate targets that were a bit farther away owing to being shot at with much more powerful cartridges.   It was fun.   Those who chose that option were scored in a separate category from the folks who went with the "standard" targets on the stage.  They called it the Tom Horn category.

I got to thinking about something similar.    10-10-5-4+    Ten rounds at the pistol targets, with a .22 rifle.  10 Rounds at the "Main Match Rifle" targets, with a Main Match Rifle.  Five Rounds at the "long range" targets with a Long Range rifle.   4+ Shotgun, which always has to be last to set off the timer.

I think it would make for a cool side match.   Doing it as an "unofficial" category would probably be too logistically difficult, but I think as a side match it could work.

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At our annual match and 4 monthlies we have big bore optional.

Tom Horn Single shot smokeless, SS Black Powder, lever action BP and Smokeless.

Usually 4 rounds  for BB single shot, 6 rounds for lever. Separate targets from cowboy down range about 35 yards.

You read instructions for cowboys. Then read instructions for Big Bore.


We always get a good turn out. A good change from regular cowboy.

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17 hours ago, irish ike, SASS #43615 said:

At our annual match and 4 monthlies we have big bore optional.


Yep, that's where I shot the match that made me think of this idea.  

If ever anyone gets a chance to get out to ROOP County, I highly recommend you take a chance to shoot there.   Great range, better people, and just an all around sense of fun.   

Only the fact that it's in Nevada and I'm in New England prevents me from shooting there more regularly.  :)


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We call it Cody Dixon. Replace main match rifle with rifle caliber. Minimum 30-30. Most shoot 38-55 or 45-70. Separate classes for Lever and Single shot. Typically 6 rounds at targets 50-100 yds. Pistols & shotgun same as everyone else. 

I have shot plainsman side matches where in addition to single shot rifle, also shot 10 rounds BP out of pistol caliber rifle. I don’t care for it as it’s hard to stage 3 long guns. 

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10 hours ago, Hoss said:

I don’t care for it as it’s hard to stage 3 long guns. 


I've not been to one for a long time, but a few clubs in my area used to hold an annual Iron Man match.   Instead of 6 stages of 10-10-4+ is would be 3 stages of 10-10-10-10-8+   Two Main Match rifles, 4 pistols and lotsa shotgun targets.   Same amount of shooting as a normal match, just compressed into 3 stages with more targets.  There was always someone ready  to help with taking the extra rifle and the pistols to the place where they would be staged and place them there "generically," but then the shooter would come and make sure they were the way they wanted them.   There were also people standing by to pick up guns and take them to the unloading table.

They tended to run the posse a little larger than normal, and then they'd, say, "Half of you are shooting, half are helping.  When the last person in the first half shoots, everybody switch."

It was a lot of fun.  I think one club around here still does it, but they shoot on Sundays now.

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On 9/29/2022 at 10:58 AM, Major Crimes said:

We have something similar we call Pat Garret.


I think there are rules on this site somewhere for it. You could swap the pistol for your .22 rifle.



Found it


Pat Garrett.pdf (australiansingleactionshooting.com.au)


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