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Titegroup load

Captain Bill Burt

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On 8/31/2022 at 11:16 AM, Captain Bill Burt said:

Hodgdon is showing 1180 fps with 16.3 grains, 1 oz of shot, WA12SL Wad and Win 209 primer.  So I guess I'll start at 16.2 and see how it works.

Capt., I saw some shotgun shells you could buy at Bass Pro Shop in Nashville this week.  I think you would like shooting them, they were 1550 fps.  :D Just make sure none of them get mixed in with mine!



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Howdy Pards


IMHO Titegroup is a go-to powder. Used Bullseye and Unique for years, still do, but Titegroup has become my favorite.


Congrats on scoring the big containers. Should give you plenty of use.


I primarily load large calibers, 38/40, 44/40, 44 Special/Magnum, and 45 Colt. My go-to cowboy load for those is 6 grains. Never had a squib, misfire, or hangfire issue with that charge. Meters well thru my Lee Powder Measure. Haven’t tried lighter loads with it so haven’t had “issues” and ditto for heavy loads which I have avoided thus far.


El Paso tends to be bone-dry humidity wise except for usually our all-too-brief summer monsoon season (thus far this year a “nonsoon”). Even so, I keep the powders in their well-sealed container and only take out small amounts as needed and back the containers go into a dark garage cabinet.


Years ago I inadvertently left a 1lb can of Unique open for an extended period of time. Careful testing verified that it had gone bad. Fortunately not too much of a loss as there wasn’t much left in the can. But a bone-head mistake all the same. 



Fort Reno Kid 


Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side.

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I'm resurrecting this thread for an update.  


I decided to stop using Clays in my 38 and 32 loads and conserve it for shotgun.  I thought I was down to five 14 oz jugs, but it turns out there were seven, so that's nice. 


I loaded the hopper with Titegroup and set it to drop 3.0 grains under 125 TCFP bullet.  I really like the way this powder meters, very consistent.


I loaded a few up and I'll try them out at the range the next chance I get and report back. 



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I ran about 100 rounds down range today with pistols.  I tried a variety of tests and as far as I could tell 3.0 grains of Titegroup is pretty much indistinguishable from 2.7 grains of Clays in terms of recoil.  The sun was setting behind the targets so I got a chance to compare smoke as well and once again I couldn't tell any difference. 


I kept the brass from the Titegroup loads separate from the brass loaded with Clays and gave them both a look when I got home.  Both groups of brass seemed equally dirty. The Titegroup brass might have been a bit cleaner looking, it was hard to tell.


Looks like I have my new .38 special load.


Now to load up some of @Widder, SASS #59054 recipe for .32 and try it out.

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