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Neat distance measuring trick

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I saw this on another forum and thought you all might be interested. 
It’s a trick for measuring distance in feet. 
I tried it indoors and it seems to work. I need to try it outdoors with a tape measure or string measure (measure out and cut l a piece of string or rope 100’ as a measure) to see how accurate it might be for longer distances. 

Here is the link that describes this. 

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Yes, this method works very well :) You might want adjust it a bit if your eye base / arm length ratio deviates too much from 1:10. But the main problem in reality/nature often is to locate something you can estimate the size.


The German expression "etwas über den Daumen peilen" derives from that technique. It literally translates to "to aim at something over the thumb" but it generally means to roughly estimate something or guesstimate. I guess the "rule of thumb" is also related.


Btw, it works with any unit, also with meters :D

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Cool trick!


And, even if it didn't work, you should be proud that you just made over a hundred (at this point) cowboys give the wall on the other side of their room a thumbs up and squint at their own thumb while blinking one eye at a time!  Absolutely hilarious!!!! :D

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2 hours ago, Cypress Sun said:


More than 99% of all people can't lick their elbow. Heck, that's only a couple of inches away...yet so far.






I met a guy that said he licked his elbow after a car crash. Broke his upper arm. Did it to freak out his girlfriend. He said it hurt like heck. :lol:

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