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WTB - 1873 Winchester branded Miroku Toggles & Lifter Arm

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On 4/29/2022 at 5:00 AM, Turkey Flats Jack said:

Have you tried Winchesterbob.com ? He makes aftermarket parts for original winchesters he might be able to help with Miroku parts.

Unfortunately they don't deal in Miroku parts are all; so I'm still looking.  Any leads would be appreciated.




Cactus Clark

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These rifles haven’t been made long and I’ve never seen spare parts available. I’d contact an approved winchester/browning service center and they may have some. 

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Still looking.  I've called around and like you've all said not much in the way of spare parts.  If anyone has a stock set laying around please let me know.





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2 hours ago, Tex Jones, SASS 2263 said:

Cowboy Carty is the only smith that I believe still might work on them.  Not sure as the rifles are scarce now.  He might have parts.  Tel No: 309 536 0163.

Carty's the smith I'm trying to get them for.  He has my rifle that I just purchased, but he can't do his magic on the toggle set up that's stock on the Davison Specials that have come up for sale online recently.  Apparently those links have a little bite different geometry.....the search continues.

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