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  1. If you have anymore 45 cowboy special brass I’ll take 200 cases.
  2. You can still get SAA’s from the custom shop just decisions are very limited. Black powder frames and acid etch barrels(like on 1880’s frontier six shooters) were discontinued in 2018 or 2019) and nickel isn’t even a standard option anymore it has to be a custom shop order. I have a lettered 1913 frontier six shooter in 44-40 with some lettered history among other guns but really wanted a black powder frame frontier six shooter with all the other 1880’s features like the beveled cylinder, and acid etch barrel, cch hardened hammer.
  3. Colts have always been over msrp because they’re in high demand and they make then slowly. New ones go for around $2,500. I put a new one on order in 2016 for $1600 and didn’t get it until 2019 and price went up to $1800+. I have 1st and 2nd gens also. 2 gens are the best made guns and are going for over $3,000 and definitely wouldn’t want to use one in competition. 1st gens are the same or more because of history. USFA is out of business. If you want a nice made American single action truer to the original design than ruger and even nicer than colt makes for less, look at standard manufacturing. They make them near colt in Connecticut and old colt and USFA employees build them for around $1800. They are all hand fit and all forged steel no cast parts like colt and and Italian clones. They are easier to get as well.
  4. BTT price reduced to $1500 that’s my lowest firm price. The rifle is lightly used. If you were to set it up the same way new it’d cost you over $2500 with the sights and rifle. Only selling it to fund another project as I have an original 1886 made in 1888 that I shoot more so this one just sits in the safe. All boxes and paperwork for sights and rifle are included.
  5. For sale, Cimarron/pedersoli 1886 deluxe in 45-70. Hard to get barely used. Still have box and all documentation that came with rifle. Comes installed with montana vintage arms front and rear sight set and a spirit level in the middle dovetail. Old sights and boxes and paperwork for mva sights included. msrp for these is over $2,200 without the $300+ mva sights. Asking $1850. Below are the sights included and photos of the rifle. Thanks.
  6. I’ve talked to montana vintage arms and they said their eye disks won’t lock down on c sharps sights. I wanted one of their magnum hadley eye discs. Kinda stuck with c sharps options if you have their sight.
  7. Have you tried c sharps website? They make a hadley. Or call them. I have one of their sights with their hadley on my 1885 they make.
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