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  1. They need to be crimped better. I had this happen with a box of factory black hills 44-40. Not an issue for me now as I reload my own and crimp, also with black powder under the bullet there’s no place for it to go.
  2. If you lighten the hammer spring too much you need to use federal primers. Competition shooters in sass and modern guns use federal as they are the softest. You can go as low as an 11lb hammer spring in a full size beretta 92 if you use federal primers. Others may not pop. Not sure what primers fiocchi loads with and for all we know they may use multiple brands. If you’re gonna go super light on springs you gotta police the primers yourself.
  3. Technically yes, just like if you had a 45-120 you could shoot 45-60,45-70,45-90,45-100,45-110 and 45-120 in it. Not recommended though. It’s not the same as a 38 special in a .357. You can leave permanent marks in the chamber, I‘ve been told, and ruin longer brass when you shoot it later if the chamber isn’t cleaned properly. I have never done this just here say. I know people in the black powder silhouette game go nuts anytime someone mentions doing that.
  4. Wish they still made the type 1. I have the currently manufactured type 2. The asm you have there in 44 colt is more correct in original dimensions minus the grip frame. Lots of people change them out to 1860 army brass trigger guards and steel backstraps as originals were. Most had the grip frames were silver plated like yours some just the trigger guard. Some had full brass grip frames, others had all steel or just a brass trigger guard and steel back strap with most being sikver plated. The current Cimarron reproductions are type 2’s with the sight on the hammer and firing pin on the hammer. And they have steel grips frames. I silver plated mine to look more correct. This video has more information.
  5. Im going to run a 200gr .430 bullet down the bore tomorrow and measure it. All my handloads are .430 240gr or 200gr .430. Don’t have any loose 240gr they’re all loaded up in 44 russian or 44-40 brass. Could the bore be that tight? I thought original 44 Russian bores were .429 and only 44-40 was .427. So you use .430 on 44 russian and .428 on 44-40. But for commonality modern 44-40’s are .429 as well. My only 44-40 is a reproduction winchester 1873 and it uses the same .430 bullets. Thanks for all your help thus far. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as we continue the conversation/thread.
  6. Why do you think the rounds won’t fit in the chambers then? They stop about a thousandth maybe less. One or 2 chambers they drop into. Since the serial doesn’t match maybe it’s a different cylinder. I need to find a gunsmith who can look at it. And get that screw made. I definitely think I may need work on the pitted chambers or a new cylinder maybe.
  7. That’s my dream model 3. An 8” American in 44 Russian. Maybe some day. I’ve had a 44spl cimarron repro on preorder over a year. It won’t do as well with blackpowder as originals but it’ll still be meat to shoot the Russian through it until it fouls up like my repro schofield with bp 45 schofield.
  8. That I knew with the frames being made prior just didn’t know if they kept records to when it was assembled. Think it’s worth a letter with 3 different serials on the gun? Kinda a mixed bag gun. I have a few colts with letters.
  9. It’s not a New model 3? Everything but the triggerguard spur made me think it was. The grip hump looks nothing like any Russian I know. But I am green to these so anything I say isn’t concrete. I’m all open to be educated and have books recommended to me as well. Can you recommend a place that could do that?
  10. Any old school s&w collectors in here? Have a few questions. I have this new model 3 that’s been refinished at some point and is missing a screw. I first thought it was chambered in 44 s&w Russian but after further research it’s 44 s&w American. I guess the spur was a custom order option or added after the fact. No big deal as I was planning on loading that caliber at some point anyway. I have a CH4D die set and 41 special brass to convert. Just at some point when I have the money and time I’ll need a brass trimmer, crimp die for the heeled bullet and a bullet source as I don’t cast my own. I see moulds available and the crimp die for heeled bullets. I already load 44 s&w Russian in black powder. Any known sources for bullets? An affordable trimmer recommendation? Just making a list for when it’s time to get to work on it. Thanks. Now to the gun. It has light pitting in the barrel and more than light pitting in the chambers that I hope won’t be a problem. I’ll find out later I guess(photos included) It functions and is timed perfectly and locks up like a bank vault. It is not numbers matching and is missing a screw. Any source to look up manufacturing date by serial number on the grip/frame? I believe they were discontinued in 1915? Anyone know where I can find the right screw?(probably a long shot) At least it’s only one of the side plate screws and not one needed to function. Thanks.
  11. Aguila did(or does) make really good 45 colt cowboy ammo. I got some in 2018. 200gr bullets and loaded so you knew you were shooting a 45 and not spit wads. But not a crazy heavy load either. I got 300 rounds of it for $24 a box of 50. Haven’t seen any of it since then and now any 45 colt ammo I see is over $1 per round sometimes $70+ a box! The brass is good also. I have loaded some probably 10-12 times with blackpowder and after a cleaning and tumble they’re still looking new. Gonna kill the sport if all the cowboy calibers are non existent like they’ve been since covid and now so expensive. If you don’t reload the cost of the guns, gear etc. is hard for most if trying to start right now. I’m rambling, sorry, aguila is good.
  12. The arbors are different, the frames are longer as well to fit longer cartridges and bigger diameter cylinders so you can have 6 rounds instead of 5 like kirst conversions so your, arbor wedge etc, won’t line up.
  13. They sell them like that for people who want to finish them themselves, like artificially age them(which uberti sometimes does, i have an 1866 carbine that was artificially aged from the factory and I did my own work on it as well won’t let me add a photo. i also have a walker, and saa clone artificially aged, Cimarron calls it their original finish, Taylor’s calls it antiqued and uberti calls it the old west finish) engrave it, send to turnbull, etc.
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