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  1. Lol there’s only one in existence that went for over a million once at auction and nearly half a million when sold again in 2010. There were reproductions made in California that go for over 20k. Luger man in pa(i think that’s who makes them) currently makes a faithful reproduction for around 8k. That’s your best net and you can shoot and enjoy it. Ian from forgotten weapons did a couple videos on one and they are beautiful and work great. Just super expensive and hand fit like a custom 1911 but more to a luger.
  2. Add another scammer to the list. Tommy76. Says he joined two hours ago and he contacted me with a personal message with my post classified post copy and pasted. He also attached an email. When I emailed the email it was again my post copy pasted and he wouldn’t even tell me how many pieces of 50-70 brass he had he just kept asking where I was located and that the price was $200. It seemed fishy from the start so I took screenshots and now I see the message is gone so he deleted it and probably blocked me. Whoever is in charge of the forum please ban that guy I’m sure he has 50 other accounts but at least he’ll have one less…..
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