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How Many Of Your Dads Were Vets?

Subdeacon Joe

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Me - Iraq and GWOT

Sister - Iraq

Brother - GWOT

Father - Vietnam

Grandfather - WW2

Great-grandfather - WW1

Great-Great grandfather X4 and Great-great-great grandfather - Civil War

5-great grandfather and 4-great grandfather - War of 1812

A total of 21 ancestors ranging from 5-great to 7-great grandfathers - American Revolution

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My Dad the original Arkie Lee.  Enlisted May 16, 1941...Little Rock, Ark.  Retired Oct. 31, 1963...Castle AFB, Base Sgt. Major.  Spent 1943 to 1944 as a waist gunner on a B-24.  The man could shoot.  1 confirmed, 1 probable.  Taught me to hunt dove and pheasant.  1556462531_dadcrash.thumb.jpg.b4bbf63ef01114d5ae9f2adbe025eca3.jpg 262791975_dadconfirmed.jpg.7c2616c9e6da0d2ad4f17c4d131e307e.jpg 716182217_dadmedal.thumb.jpg.8ab4d11498658ca39351a39c4c768f61.jpg

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