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How Many Of Your Dads Were Vets?

Subdeacon Joe

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My dad was a conscientious objector in WWII so the army sent him to Hawaii to be an ambulance driver. My grandfather had asked him not to fight so I guess this was a compromise. 

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My Dad was in the Australian Army (2nd AIF) and was in the Commando's (Independent Company) and saw almost continuous action in New Guinea against the Japs. He turned 21 in the jungles fighting. The Japs would torture any prisoners all night and day and the Commandos often came across the buttocks and thighs of their comrades wrapped in banana leaves that the Japs had cut off and were cooking. The Aussies (and the Americans they sometimes operated with) took no prisoners. It was virtually impossible for intelligence to get a prisoner to integrate.  

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My dad was a Merchant Mariner.  I was raised by an uncle, who had been Coast Guard - PBY flight engineer and R4D crew chief.  Uncle Bob had some good stories!


Bob had his A & P certificate, and was a career aircraft mechanic.  After retiring, he worked for the then Confederate Air Force, until the CAF changed their name and moved to Midland, Texas.


1085891709_UncleBobBurch-CoastGuard.thumb.jpg.529a0651b232fb00358310aa495a7ae0.jpg  Uncle Bob on the left.

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My father served 10 years in the National Guard starting in the late 50s.  My father in law served in the Army during the Korean War stationed state side.


My family has a long history of service dating back to the Revolution.


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This is a Special Salute to my Dad.


Born March 1924

42-43 West Point Cadet USMA
43-45 Army Air Corps
45-47 Army Reserve
47-49 Air Force Reserve
49-84 Army National Guard

Passed October 2005




While with the 450th Bomb Group of the 15th Air Force flying as Co-Pilot with the 721st Squadron in B-24 “Rage in Heaven” the plane was shot down on 29 December 1944 over Italy.  All 10 bailed out, one crew member was Killed in Action and all others except my Dad were captured and became Prisoners of War.  He evaded capture with the help of Italian partisans.



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My dad passed away in '017 at 90 years from the affects of the bomb' while part of  BCOF   [ MP ] in Japan..he never actually got the leukemia untill his early 80's...he also went on to serve with 3 Battallion in Korea where he was machine gunned in the leg, he always praised the American doctor who saved it as all the others wanted to amputate..they said he would probably lose the leg in the next 10-15 years..'he still had it when he passed '

In 1970 he went to Vietnam with 5 Company RAASC [ Transport ]..Dad retired in '1985 after 41 years.

Mum also served for a short time & as a civilian worked for the Army for 35 years..Mum is 90 this coming January.

I did 3 years myself  [70-73].. with  no overseas service.

Photos of Dad in the early 60's when a Sgt & in Vietnam ..he was a Warrant Officer Class 1 when he retired.

Taken to early, his heart was as strong as an ox & he lived a healthy lifestyle & always exercising  till the leukemia got the better of him.



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My dad, Blue Boy's vision was bad enough the military would not take him, but they let him use his A&P cert to build bombers. B-25 at North American and Martin B-26s. He worked in aerospace until he retired.



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My Father in Law [my second Dad]

Charles Tom Dawson was in Japan running radio towers during the Korean War

My Dad Travis Samuel Collier was in combat in Korea at the same time. Earned the Silver Star when the Chinese came across.

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2 hours ago, Singin' Sue 71615 said:

Cool photo...

Shanley's Dad, Grandfather GW Bennett and himself at age 3!

Gpa Bennett span WWII, Korea and served in VietNam.



 ..... that cain't be Shanley, ...... no facial hair .....   :huh:

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My dad served in the USAAF. I know he served in Vietnam and I think was a Staff Sargent. My mom swore the cancer he died from was agent orange related though the AF would never admit it. He was also a teletype tech. I found that out after I had served in the USMC as a radio tech. I guess the saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree is true.


My mom also served in the USAAF, until she met dad and got married. She then got out.


My two uncles , dads brothers also served, Uncle Benny was Navy, and Uncle Bill was Army. I am unsure if my grandad, their dad served or not. I feel like he must have for all three of his sons to have served. 

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My Dad was US Navy during WWII.

He was injured and lived with some shrapnel  in his back all his 85 years of living.


He was on the USS Blackhawk.


He was probably one of funniest guys you could ever meet.   He knew 1000 jokes.   Most of them were so corny that you

couldn't help but laugh.   It was all in the delivery.


In my direct family, including myself, there are 2 Navy and 4 Marines who have or are presently serving since WWII.




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My Dad was in the RCAF and was one of the ones that loaded the bombs on the bombers and made sure the machine guns were loaded up. At that time the trade was called Armourer, today it is called Weapons Tech Air.

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Dad was Airborne Infantry, 17th Airborne, 194th Glider Infantry.   Participated in Battle of the Bulge, crossed the Rhine into Germany.

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