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Interesting, but some of the sellers seem highly suspicious with no address given or an address with a totally different company on the sign board.

I would only buy from know sources, Brownells indicated in one instance.


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I’ve used ammoseek to eat the jump on more than a few primers recently.  They do have a feedback function for some of the places along with ratings to steer you from some of the vendors.  For the most part, the guys who show they have stuff in stock are weird brands, or a waaaaay too $$$$’s for the item.  That is why they are always there.  No one rational buys at gunbroker prices for weird named primers….  

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Not much monetary incentive for commercial outfits to provide comparative real time pricing data on shooting components or ammo, especially right now, and even in normal times, since they would mostly have to list their competitors, too.


There's no Flo in the shooting sports.


The best thing is for you to encourage Ammoseek's site owners to ban the robots from visiting sites that you know to be scammers.  Provide the site URL for them to set a block on bot scanning for prices at those sites.


I sent them an email about stopping the reporting on a once-valid store in NM that went out of business 3 years ago, but Ammoseek was still scanning the store's old web site to see what the prices of stuff might be today.  They blocked that old web site and no longer try to suggest it might sell you components.


good luck, GJ

Edited by Garrison Joe, SASS #60708
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