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Phone call from beyond the grave

Jack Spade

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So about a week ago I made a post about some possibly mixed up Clays powder.  I had purchased the powder about a year ago from a cowboy who was getting out of the game.   I also purchased his guns, gun cart, dillon loader, mec loaders, and a bunch of powder, bullets, primers, etc.  I spent several hours at his house going through and loading up all the stuff.  We visited a lot and he revealed to me that he had cancer and didn't think he had very much time left.  After that meeting I called him once every few months just to visit and see how he was doing.  The last time I had spoke to him was last may.  I get very busy over the summer from end of may to first part of september so I hadn't called him.   When the powder situation happened I tried to call him and phone just went to voicemail and I left a message.  I was afraid something had happened so I searched the internet for an obituary in the town where he lived.  Didn't find an obit but did find an estate sale with his address that took place in July.   I asked on the mixed powder thread and someone said they thought he had passed.   I was really saddened by this news.  He was a great guy. 

Well, yesterday my phone rang and the caller id popped up his name.  I answered the call, expecting it to be someone telling me he had passed, but my heart jumped up in my throat when I heard his voice!  Apparently he became really sick just after we talked in May and was in the hospital for over a month.  He slowly recovered and is now feeling much better.  He has moved and has no cell reception at his new place and has to wait until he goes to town to return calls.  We talked for over an hour.  So to anyone who read the other thread, Smokin' D is alive and well!!!   Oh, and I got the straight scoop on the powder and it is not mixed!

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Well, that is great news!   Hope Smokin D is recovered well and now enjoying life again. 

good luck, and best wishes to the both of you , GJ

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