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Today we were holding a garage sale for my 97-year-old mom.  An elderly fellow wearing a Korean War Vet cap dropped by and visited for a bit.  He was very lively and sharp.  He was also 91 years old.  His name is Robert McAnear.  He handed me a card from a stack in his pocket, and asked me to share it if I liked.  It was a poem he wrote:





I did not know you... You are from far away.
...from a small town I never knew.
I did not see you when you fell.
...I did not hear your last breath, nor
feel your last pulse.
...I only know you died.
...for the same cause that my friends died.
The difference is that I heard their cries,
and heard the sounds that brought this pain.
...Their blood mixed with mine,
and I felt their hands...holding on to me.
...and I could not help them.


I could tell their loved ones how they died,
...but I can never know their pain.
...or understand what they tried to say.
I can only remember what I saw...
in their eyes, in the half light, and
I know they died for all of us...but...not alone.


I cannot tell you what they said -
that was only for those they leave behind,
heart to heart, soul to soul, ..not to be shared with others.
These were private thoughts - not for strangers - 
I do not know you, but my friend died, ...holding my hand,
and, I honor you both the same.
You both died for all of us,
...and you will be remembered.


by Robert McAnear


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Many will understand, some will Know, and some will go on unaffected there freedom a gift that they neither bought nor appreciated .

God Bless those that have stood in the Gap.


Jabez Cowboy

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