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A Hero Remembered


I had the honor of attending the funeral for Sergeant Nick Risner yesterday.  Here is some of the footage taken during the awful week leading up to this event.  

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21 hours ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

If we had more turnouts like this for our REAL heroes we'd have a lot better nation.


What's the back story on this event?

Muscle Shoals AL Police got a call of a hit and run, with a person laying in the street.  Upon officers arriving, they found a body with bullet wounds to the chest and head.  A witness had seen the body pushed from a vehicle, and the witness had gotten a photograph and a good description of the getaway vehicle.  Sheffield Police (a neighboring city) saw the vehicle and suspect, and gave chase.  The suspect turned in at a busy shopping center, and Sergeant Nick Risner put himself and his vehicle in harms way to keep the suspect from driving into the crowded area at the stores.  The suspect shot Sergeant Risner and Lt. Dotson.  Lt. Dotson was hit in the vest and survived.  Sergeant Risner was not so lucky, and succumbed to his wounds the next morning.  Other officers returned fire and wounded the suspect, who is now charged with multiple counts of capital murder and other crimes.


Shooting described.

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