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Need info on shotgun

Silver Rings SASS # 27466

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Picked up a new main match shotgun at a gun show Saturday and would like to find out about it before I load it up with powder. The barrels are 19" and it is suppose to be a 10 ga.


The only markings on the receiver is "Scott & Son". Under the barrel are a number of stamps.


In the pictures you can see you the stamps.


Thanks for any help.


Silver Rings






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Sorta looks like a Belgian "Guild Gun" made for sale under a "trade name" of Scott.   The large number of proof stamps indicates at least it was manufactured across the pond, probably around 1900-1920.


good luck, GJ

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I imagine if you know enough to buy that gun, you probably know all of this already.  Make sure you understand all of the proof marks -- they (and the numbers) will tell you the pressure that the barrels were proofed to at the time of manufacture and at any subsequent re-proofing time.  They may or may not be usable with modern smokeless powder.  Also, the chambers may be 2 3/4" if they have been modified post-original manufacture; otherwise they are almost certainly 2 1/2" chambers.  Here's a good start for deciphering the proof marks:


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You didn't notice this is a percussion shotgun. I have been digging into the proof marks and the history of W.&C. Scott & Son. It's been a fun project.


I won't be using it for CAS. I would not fire it at all. I bought it to use when I give tours at the old west museum I volunteer at. I may cut the barrels down further to fit the part I want it to play.



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