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  1. This solution is too simple, too logical and too safe. I like it.
  2. Or Shooter: may I decock? TO: yes Shooter then attempt's to decock and cock pistol trying to get to the empty chamber, thumb slips off hammer, gun goes off striking table. TO: MDQ. Should have shot the guns.
  3. Time is running. Shooter: may I decock? TO: think you can decock and reindex a pistol with just one hand? Shooter: why can't I use both hands? ETC! Time still running 45 seconds later. Shooter: I will just shoot GF. TO: good choice. Or Shooter: may I decock? TO: no! Shoot them.
  4. Mine were good for about 15,000 ends of 250 gen bullets at about 750 fps. Eventually had problems with both of them where the hand would not reliably rotate the cylinder. So I would say pretty durable. Silver Rings
  5. I have another rifle I can use as a model. Silver Rings
  6. Thanks folks, I will try to bend it back.
  7. I had a out of battery discharge and now the lifter doesn't drop. As far as I can tell the lever is bent. How do you bend the lever with out making things worse? This question probably has been answered before but the wire search feature didn't find any thing. Silver Rings
  8. Our berms had 1/2" gravel when I inherited running the matches. This resulted in a lot of splash back. I got our club to put down what is locally called "trail mix" red decomposed granite. This works really well but is expensive. Looking to find something that works as well but is cheaper. We are high desert with no water, so forget grass. What do you use at your range that works? Silver Rings
  9. As usual a very helpful bunch. Thanks. Silver Rings
  10. Thanks for all the info. I will try the hole in the target with the targets I have to get repaired. Silver Rings
  11. Here is an example of something like I talking about. https://shootingtargets7.com/products/steel-challenge-accelerator
  12. Any one use steel targets that have a hole in them that a hanger goes through. If so, how have they worked for you? Any problems with splash back. Our targets have a hanger welded on the back of the target and the hangers break over time. Looking for a better solution. Silver Rings
  13. So does the battery acid kill yucca? Use to have a house that had wild yucca growing on the land. Tried just about everything to kill it. No luck.
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