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Withdrawn , made trade.

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Any pards who would have need of large rifle primers , I have a few over 2000 that I would sell or swap for large pistol , regular or magnum.

I will be at the Price , UT shoot on Sept 11 , at TMS in Grand Juction , CO on Sept 19. Would be willing to meet half-way with anybody within 150 mi. of my home, Vernal ,UT for FTF sale or swap.

Primers are from several different batches that I have bought over the years ,some regular , some magnum , but I no longer load anything using large rifle.

Largest single bunch is 970 CCI BR-2 . Have a picture of the batch. Cash price would be 100.00 , but would just as soon swap.

Thanks for looking , Rex :D


Ammo & Primers 009.JPG

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22 minutes ago, Rex M Rugers #6621 said:

Wish I had been able to go to a CaC when I lived in Texas , 2008-2019 , but it just never worked out.

Selling or swapping primers is a struggle , when it has to be FTF. Silly rules.:angry:

Thanks anyway , Rex :D

Thought you lived in Texas long before 2008? In your IHMSA days.

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I did , Billy. I am actually a native-born Texan , lived there from 1942 till 1977. Transferred up here then , but was in Snyder 3 years with company I worked for , 1986-1989. Also did about 8 years in Farmington , N.M.,1996-2004.

I started shooting IHMSA here in Utah in about 1983 or so.

Rex :D

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