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You sure you want to spoil him like that?  Oh wait, he's a grandson, nevermind.  Otherwise, I was going to suggest a Big Boy, so that when he works up to a '73 he will appreciate it more. :)

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I just bought one from Cody last week, so they are in the pipeline.

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15 hours ago, James Henry Parker SASS#76661 said:

Looking for a 1873, 357 Rifle 20 inch barrel ,short stroked  race ready for grandson . Thanks for looking 


If, at the end of June, you still haven't found one, send me a PM.  I have one, but I'm going to bring it with me to EOT as a backup (just in case).

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Posted (edited)

Might have what yer lookin' for. Uberti '73 (2018 I believe). 20" straight stock, hex rifle. Includes Pioneer Gun Works Super Short Stroke, PGW longer firing pin (for cranky primers), PGW coil Mainspring, other PGW parts. Tuned up and shoots well. Has leather on the lever and butt. Has been my SASS backup gun but going to rely on my '73 .45's for backup now. Figuring $1650 shipped to your FFL (if they accept from individuals)73_1.thumb.jpg.52fe4b07af0aa551406f1d86f28ae600.jpg73_2.thumb.jpg.8f23bf6057b5dcf45a29e815e84361dc.jpgviduals) should work. Let me know yer thoughts.

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