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  1. I'll probably regret selling this, but my girlfriend and I can't fit 2 550's on the bench. Used for a year and a half or so then packed back up in the factory box for a year plus. Your choice of conversion and Dillon dies. .38/.357, .44sp/mag or .45ACP. Includes 1 Toolhead and stand and ONE caliber. $700 shipped to the lower 48. The additional calibers can be had for $150 shipped each (or $280 for both shipped) No strong mount, no Roller arm. Additional calibers WON'T include toolheads or stands.
  2. Might have what yer lookin' for. Uberti '73 (2018 I believe). 20" straight stock, hex rifle. Includes Pioneer Gun Works Super Short Stroke, PGW longer firing pin (for cranky primers), PGW coil Mainspring, other PGW parts. Tuned up and shoots well. Has leather on the lever and butt. Has been my SASS backup gun but going to rely on my '73 .45's for backup now. Figuring $1650 shipped to your FFL (if they accept from individuals)viduals) should work. Let me know yer thoughts.
  3. Good bore and lock-up is great. Fun to shoot but I have a Second Model also so one has to go.
  4. Forgot that it also includes Dillon 550 shell plate and pins and Lee .32 dies
  5. S&W Model 1 1/2 with extras. Fun side match gun, but I don't get to shoot it often. Shoots great with 78g lead over .8 Trailboss. Nickle finish is as expected for a 135 year old black powder gun. Includes 200 new Starline brass, 50 used, 400+ LRN 78g bullets, $450 shipped direct via USPS.
  6. According to Ithaca, it's a 1966. Great shape, a bit of scuffing at the end of barrel. Previous owner had a funky front sight and I replaced it with the proper brass bead. Put one box of shells through (if that much). Bought it to replace the one I wrecked that my late father gave me, but I'm a SASS guy, not a clays or duck guy. would do $525 shipped USPS to your FFL if they'll accept from individuals. Let me know your thoughts. EPS
  7. Have a 37 feather weight if you're interested.
  8. I have an Uberti 1873, .38/.357, octagon 20", straight stock. Pioneer Super-Short Stroke, coil main-spring, long firing pin (for those cranky CCI primers) and polished up action. I have 2 of these and want to trade one for an equally raced '73 in .45LC for Wildbunch and backup for cowboy. Valued at $1600+. Let me know. Straight across, FFL-FFL for the right shooter.
  9. Looking to sell my Rock Island Armory – M1911 A1 MS .45ACP. Commander with Bull Barrel (no bushing). Includes Elk Antler and original grips and one mag. Will also include Bianci Holter (pic #2). $525 if shipped to your FFL direct. FFL-FFL, we'll have to talk.
  10. Gonna start this over again. Looking to sell my Rossi M92 in .44 with a 20" round barrel in blue. All the Steve's Gunz mods have been done. Shortened mag spring, stainless mag follower plug, light eject spring, safety plugged, lightened springs, polished action surfaces and leather lever wrap. Shot it in SASS matches with Missourri #13 (I believe), 240g over 4.0g Trailboss at an OAL of 1.55. $600 shipped direct to your FFL. If FFL to FFL, we'll figure it out.
  11. Price reduction. $650 shipped direct to your FFL. $700 FFL-FFL. Serious offers considered.
  12. Not sure where the "20" in this part "Rossi M92, 20 .44mag/sp" came from, but disregard.
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