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4 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

A supported or Duelist shooter has no prohibition on holstering with a live round remaining in a pistol.


And, for gunfighters, their only prohibition is:



A Gunfighter may not holster revolvers with the intent to engage another revolver sequence.

SHB pg 7.


If the gunfighter shoots 9, holsters, someone yells one more, they pull and fire the 10th round, there is no penalty - all other things being ok.

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As others have said, if he fired the round, P. Do t fire it miss only. 

I’ve noticed, and I’ve been guilty of this as well, TO wants to make a call when something is obviously wrong. Often, hurrying the process, makes improper call. Far better to hand off timer, discus (calmly) what happened, refer to penalty/miss flow chart, then make the call. There is no huge rush! Take a minute and get it right instead of 15 seconds and get it wrong!


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5 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

Or to take it a bit further.

If I draw my first pistol - shoot 5 and then decide to skip the 2nd pistol and move to the next gun...

You just scoring me with 5 misses? 

Or giving me the P as well for missed engagements?


5 hours ago, McCandless said:

Quote the rule for a P for "missed engagements".


In this case, the 25 second penalty should be it, if the RO and spotters hollering at you wasn't enough to clue you in...  It's not also not a Spirit of the Game as there is no "competitive advantage" to doing it.


FIVE MISSES for the "unfired rounds"
PROCEDURAL for "Failure to attempt to fire a firearm, engage a prop, or perform a stage maneuver."

REF: SHB p.21

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7 hours ago, Nickel City Dude said:

What if it was a rifle?  The shooter only fires 9 rounds from the rifle and puts it on the table with the action open but with a live round in the carrier block.   Shoots the shotgun and then he picks up the rifle and engages a rifle target.  Is it a P or SDQ?

MSV for "Leaving empty or live round(s) in a magazine, action, or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded." (correctable before firing the next firearm).
PROCEDURAL for "Engaging the stage in the wrong order" (firing the shotgun before completing the rifle shooting string).


6 hours ago, Flying W Ramrod said:

Neither, it's a MSV. It's only a SDQ if it's in the chamber. SHB Page 16. It's also a P for not engaging the last target, and, if not fired, it's a M for the unfired round. 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Trifecta of oopses.

SHB Page 43 "Engaged - attempting to fire a round at a target"


This call would be a P for not engaging the last target. If he had not shot the last round, it would have been a P and a Miss.
A MISS for an unfired round cannot cause a procedural.

If he had not shot the last rifle round, it would be a MSV and a Miss.


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The OP has been answered, as well as most of the "sidebar" WtCs.

Additional discussions/corrections should be unnecessary at this point.

Time for lockdown.


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