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Two months ago my doctor ordered a bone density X-ray. Medicare and Tricare refused to pay. Simple X-ray. My orthopedic surgeon said my bones are dying due to lack of blood flow which is why I had four joint replacements. X-ray was justified   My wife has been going to the pain clinic for her problems from lupus. She was Notified today that Medicare and Tricare will no longer pay for anesthesia. It’s out of pocket now for procedures. 


Not bitching, but when I enlisted I was promised certain things that now are gone. We give free crap to illegal immigrants but can’t take care of our own. Due to pain I get maybe two hours sleep each day. I rely on my faith to get thru my days. I have an appointment with my gastro doctor tomorrow fo my pancreatic problems. I’m ending the relationship as well as with my doctor. God will take me on his terms not mine so I no longer feel the need to line the pockets of doctors and insurance companies 


I’m sure there are many others of you that are feeling the pain of the changes. I pray for you to find the way. I refuse to spend my retirement worrying about it. I’ll find my way through this. I retired from the military 24 years ago and have learned to live in pain just as many of my fellow soldiers. 


Id like to hear from others who feel the pain of all these changes this administration has made that make our lives worse and have found the faith to move forward without feeding into a social system that is obviously coming. 


Not a political or religious conversation. Nor a slant on those in the medical or insurance field. Jus t want to know how others are dealing with these changes. 



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There is NO way our veterans should not be cared for and care given to illegals!

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Yep promises made and not kept. When the VA said they wanted to be my primary care I was told I would never pay for Urgent care, emergency room visits etc. They have yet to pay for any of that. Now I have to prove every time I get prescriptions by the VA refilled that they are service connected.


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