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Snazzy McGee - Shot Show Premiere - New Link Attached

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Just letting the cowboy community know that Snazzy McGee #66689 will be on the Outdoor Channel tonight at 6 p.m. EST promoting a couple of her brands that she is the Marketing Coordinator for at American Outdoor Brands.
About 15 years ago, at the end of a CT Bushwacker match, Snazzy strapped on a pair of Rugers for the first time (at 10 years old) just to see if this was something for her.  Never forget her turning around before she started and yelled to the posse "Is everyone watching!"  Being shy was not a trait Snazzy was familiar with.
Before the cameras started rolling on these segments, the cameraman said "Don't be nervous" and Snazzy replied "I'm not". 
That's our girl.
Thanks to all our cowboy friends for putting her on the path that led her to her dream job.
Edited by Appaloosa Amy, #63949, CT
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How's everything going back there? We haven't seen you and your family for quite a few years. Hope every thing is going good for you guys.

Kid Rich and Shirttail Bess


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I've never shot with Snazzy, but I've heard nothing but good things about her.  Glad to hear that she's doing well.  I think she had some good teaching from her parents too.


Red Wolf

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