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  1. June 5 -7 2020 - The TriState Championship in Harvard MA is a Shooter's Match. Lots of high quality steel targets set at various distances in 10 separate bays. Lots of props. Well thought out fun stages. Good ROs. Fun Team Shoot Off while scores are being done. Host Hotel is a Hampton Inn that is 12 minutes away. Dry camping at range or Full Service Campground 8 minutes away. Any questions, please contact Appaloosa Amy at quakerhillgang@gmail.com AA 2020 AD for Chronicle 2.pdf
  2. That video is the reason she went to college in Missouri and how a cowboy shooter got on the #1 team in college shotgun shooting.
  3. Thanks J-BAR! It was great shooting with Snazzy again after more than a year. We had a great time on our posse. Casino night was awesome too! AA
  4. Many of you have watched and participated in our daughter's growth in the Shooting Sports. For the last 14 years, Cowboy shooters from around the country helped Quaker Hill Bill and I raise a good kid that loves shooting. From cowboy to clay target shooting to semi-autos to her new job at American Outdoor Brands (S&W) Snazzy has made us so proud. This past weekend it was great watching her shoot her game and win her first State Championship in her new home State of Missouri. Thanks to all the cowboys that helped her along the way...you know who you are. AA & QHB
  5. The kids were to fly back to college on Saturday afternoon...Snazzy with her two shotguns and Al B with his shotgun. We went to Bradley (Hartford, CT) in a snowstorm where we checked their bags and two gun cases in at the Southwest counter. No issues or questions. Went thru security and 30 minutes later get the call that their flight is delayed which means they will miss their connection. They get their flight changed to Sunday am and the lady at the Southwest counter radios the description of their bags and gun cases to baggage and they are waiting for them in baggage 5 minutes later. Sunday we repeat the process in Hartford. No issues. They fly to BWI (Baltimore) but they have an 8 hour lay over and must claim their bags and gun cases then re-check them in at the counter and go thru security. SW rep tells them that they can't check bags sooner than 4 hours before their flight so they will put their bags and guns on an earlier flight to St. Louis via Atlanta. Snazzy grilled the agent who swore they would be in St. Louis at the security office waiting for them. They were there. So far Southwest has yet to let us down. Southwest has never batted an eye whether we are checking in one over/under in a pelican or 8 cowboy guns in our Americase. As a side note, we never fly with ammo. If we are shooting cowboy we ship it and if the kids are traveling to a clay target match with their college team, the coaches buy it at the match. AA
  6. We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Unfortunately your "niece" Snazzy McGee will be staying home for school...which she isn't happy about.

    See you then and hopefully it will be warmer than the last time we were there.


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