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  1. Alpo, What happens when a child is attached by a vicious dog? Red Wolf Just giving you a hard time, I'm sure otto is at it again.
  2. Cavalier Thorpe. I think my alias is a little better. Red Wolf
  3. Eyesa (& Ellie), We are so sorry for your loss and we will certainly miss Marlin and her "little cousin" Biggie will also miss her. Red Wolf
  4. As I once saw in someone's signature- "Nothing can be made foolproof, fools are ingenious bastards" Red Wolf
  5. Hardpan, I'm not well versed in CA laws, but if you put a "featureless" pistol grip on the rifle, could you get away with a regular magazine release? Obviously that wouldn't look very "old school". I may have a rifle buffer spring kicking around here somewhere if you want it. Red Wolf
  6. Glad to hear that you're feeling better Yul! Red Wolf
  7. Alpo, That's Bill Nye the science guy. Red Wolf (Tapping my fingers waiting for Pat's reaction to my lack of response in a meme)
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