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  1. How much ammo do you have and how hot is it outside? Is there shelter? Highly unlikely that the bad guys would see me out safely to civilization. I would probably take out the two bad guys first, then see what I could do about the other 4. Red Wolf
  2. We put them on our dog whenever he's inside. He's 13 and tends to randomly pee in the house. We think that he might have some dementia causing the issue. He's peed on the refrigerator a few times. Red Wolf
  3. Yul, Those are gorgeous boxes, you Sir are a craftsman. Red Wolf
  4. Huh, funny, I got to play with a Sten before too. It was most certainly fun. Red Wolf
  5. Would you be able to put Super Blackhawk hammers in those? If so, how much extra would it be? Red Wolf
  6. Eyesa, I told Marian I was getting her a Christmas present. Red Wolf
  7. Tyrel, Do you know how those compare with the "new" model Vaqueros as far as weight and width? Red Wolf
  8. I bet you that thing shoots out some serious flames. How do you not need an FFL to buy that? It's apparently CA compliant too. Red Wolf
  9. They were probably opening an ESCROW account with your first check. Red Wolf
  10. I just attended the Buzzard Boil shoot with the CT Valley Bushwackers. I ended up finishing 19 out of 44 shooters on Saturday. My wife made this shoot her first on Saturday, so that added to the enjoyment. On Sunday we had a shoot off where the top half of the shooters were paired with the bottom half shooters. That shoot off was the best part of the shoot! Talk about an adrenaline rush! My team mate and I won the shoot off to boot! By far the best shoot I've been to yet. I also enjoyed the pot luck Friday and Saturday night too. The biggest thing that annoys or makes shoots less enjoyable is being on a posse with people that don't pull their weight. Red Wolf
  11. Texas Maverick, Don't do it. CT sucks, especially when compared to the great state of Texas. I've grown up here, and if it wasn't for work and family I would be out of here. All kidding aside, they are pretty communist up here regarding gun laws. I got my pistol permit years ago, but I don't think its changed much since. Red Wolf
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