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  1. I have an Azuga brand in my work van. It has both a camera that faces out front and a camera that faces me(the driver). I guess it automatically uploads if there is an accident. They got put in so the big boss man can save 30% on his auto insurance. I couldn't tell you how the quality is, just that I was the safest driver for the month of April. They do also have GPS hooked in also and they automatically turn on when the key is on or if it senses movement even if the key is off. I don't know if this helps you or not, but figured I would share. Red Wolf
  2. Sweet! Is there a stormtrooper category is SASS? I may actually shoot good (bad) enough to shoot in that category too! Red Wolf
  3. I wasn't driving, I was traveling. Dumba$$. Red Wolf
  4. Those Amish guys are crazy, just goes to show that many hands do really make light work. Red Wolf
  5. "Walk it off". That's funny right there. Red Wolf
  6. Yep, leftist commies at work. Look into the equality act that they want to pass too. We'll all be subjects soon. Red Wolf
  7. Crazy Russians. What the heck are they doing with badminton racquets on sticks though? Red Wolf
  8. Alpo, That's Bill Nye the science guy. Red Wolf (Tapping my fingers waiting for Pat's reaction to my lack of response in a meme)
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