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  1. Wow, just wow. And we have the best military in the world? Red Wolf
  2. So, It was originally stated that it is a 35% tax on ammunition. My wife was looking at Fakebook and she said it is a $.35 PER ROUND tax! I just looked at the bill itself and this is what it reads: "That the general statutes be amended to establish an excise tax on gross earnings derived from the first sale of ammunition within this state at the rate of thirty-five per cent per round." So, if it is $.35 per round, a 10 round box would cost an additional $3.50, a 100 round box would cost an additional $35, and 1000 rounds would cost an additional $350!! This is the left pushing their anti gun and anti self defense rhetoric on us so they can "decrease crime" and fund more anti gun campaigns. I'm wondering if the left thinks this will actually decrease crime, or if they don't care and since there isn't a ban on guns, they will just make it more difficult for us law abiding gun owners to get ammunition at REASONABLE prices. Off my soap box- for now. Red Wolf
  3. Von Dutch, If the bullet loops are .45, I'll take the holster rig and shotgun belt. PM incoming. Red Wolf.
  4. Cholla, Thanks for the fast shipping and the quality pants! You're a great pard to do business with! Red Wolf
  5. You could try Ringers Bullets out of Kentucky. I get 2000 grn rnfp sized to .452 from him. Red Wolf
  6. I'll take them. Pm me with where you want me to send money and in what form. Red Wolf
  7. Do you have an idea on how long the inseam is? Red Wolf
  8. Warden, I would love to see a chef cooking eggs (or most anything for that matter) on a girdle. Otto strikes again. Red Wolf
  9. Milwaukee. I started with Dewalt half a lifetime ago, but bought my first Milwaukee set 10+ years ago and haven't looked back. Just my $0.02. Red Wolf
  10. Alpo, That's Bill Nye the science guy. Red Wolf (Tapping my fingers waiting for Pat's reaction to my lack of response in a meme)
  11. That brings back memories of my Grandmother when she made key lime pies. Man, those pinwheels were good, and how do I miss her. Red Wolf
  12. What size bullet loops does it have? Thank you. Red Wolf
  13. I happened to go to Fall Creek Falls state park in Tennessee for a family reunion. That was pretty cool with places to swim, hike and explore. The wife and I drove through Nashville which was pretty neat. If you go through Nashville, I would suggest stopping by the Parthenon. That was neat too. Red Wolf
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