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  1. Warden, Here is a silly question. If you so chose, could you "sleeve" the barrels down to 12 gauge to make it "safer" to shoot? I don't know if that would allow someone to use smokeless powder. Although that wouldn't make the action any stronger. Red Wolf
  2. Blacklist and The Punisher. Both a little dark, but The Punisher is definitely darker. Red Wolf
  3. Too bad the Marine didn't put the state's attorney in a choke hold. Red Wolf
  4. .357 Magnum based on the first set of pictures. Red Wolf
  5. Red Wolf


    We just got our check on Friday or Saturday. I thought Trump was going to sign the checks, but I didn't see his signature anywhere. Red Wolf
  6. Is it just me, or do some of those face masks on the Vogue website look like bra cups? Red Wolf
  7. I have that song for my ringtone. Every time I hear that song with a video (I think the last one was a September 11th tribute), I get a bit choked up. Red Wolf
  8. I've heard that once you die, there is no client/ attorney confidentiality, but I am not a lawyer, although I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. Red Wolf You could always give your daughter a copy of your will.
  9. You definitely want to remove the old decking first. As said before, you are looking at a host of problems if you don't. I would recommend Azek brand decking. It is a little more expensive compared to Trex, Fiberon and Wolf, but it is much lighter, easier and faster to install. There are a few different ways to install the decking. I've used the cortex plugs the most, but that can get old pretty quickly. I would suggest the Camo fastening tool which self spaces the deck boards. I would also use a self adhering membrane ie; ice and water before you put the new decking down. 16" spacing is acceptable for Azek, but for stairs you want 12" spacing. Are there any railings that you have to work around or replace too? Feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Red Wolf
  10. I have a couple. I love to shoot them, but i get more enjoyment out of building them. It's fun to look at parts online and figure out what works/looks the best and go from there. I would love to get a Colt SP1, I think the early ones just look the coolest. Red Wolf
  11. I would support a 2 term limit for politicians- 1 term in office and 1 term in prison. Red Wolf
  12. What's the size of the bullet loops and belt size? Red Wolf
  13. Hehe. That's pretty funny. Red Wolf
  14. I have an Aunt that killed herself 20+ years ago from car exhaust. I'm not sure how many of you guys have heard of the missing mom from CT Jennifer Dulos. Her husband was suspected in her death, and he eventually died from complications from carbon monoxide poisoning. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/fotis-dulos-charged-estranged-wife-s-murder-dies-after-suicide-n1126401 Red Wolf
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