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  1. I think that's in China, those commies don't care about ADA. Red Wolf
  2. They have a can thrower at the Ledyard Sidewinders. It really isn't that big or heavy if I remember correctly. Red Wolf
  3. That's a lot of target practice! The stupid is strong with this one. Red Wolf
  4. Wow! That's 5 minutes I won't get back. I couldn't watch the whole video. A few things: He used a Ryobi saw blade, he obviously doesn't know quality, or lack thereof. The time it took him to do that, he could've bought a cheap table saw from Craigslist that's actually made for the intended purpose. I guess if you have nothing better to do with your life. God forbid you would need to shut that off in a hurry. Red Wolf
  5. My wife bought a handful of those just after Christmas of last year thinking they would be cool presents. Then came the pandemic. Needless to say they are sitting in storage, although I did try one to see how well it worked. It works ok, but makes a mess. Red Wolf
  6. I'm waiting for a box of bullets that was sent out November 23rd that was supposed to be delivered the 2nd. We filed an inquiry with USPS. We'll see what happens there. Red Wolf
  7. I may know someone that used a '97 with 7/8oz of #8 shot to take care of a white faced hornets nest. It took the branch right off the tree! Red Wolf
  8. DDD, There are a lot of really helpful guys over there. I've saved a bunch of money by using that site. Spent a bit of money too. LOL. Red Wolf
  9. DDD, Try posting on Ford-Trucks.com regarding your issue. You will probably have to join to post a topic, but it'll be worth it if it helps with repair issues on your truck. Red Wolf
  10. It looks a blind beaver built that. At least they have a nailing plate on it. Red Wolf
  11. The magazine spring I got for mine I had to cut multiple times, then stretch it to work. I think I ended up cutting 8" off mine. Red Wolf
  12. I've always wanted to blow something up on November 5th, alas I have yet to do so. Red Wolf
  13. Alpo, What happens when a child is attached by a vicious dog? Red Wolf Just giving you a hard time, I'm sure otto is at it again.
  14. Cavalier Thorpe. I think my alias is a little better. Red Wolf
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