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Need Powder ??? Here Ya Go !!!

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Apparently some folks are having a hard time finding not only Primers, but Powder.......

If Powder is what you're needing to keep the Family heading to CAS Matches.... Here's the Answer.


Shoot BP cartridge..... APP doesn't require any special lubes or bullets and magic potions.... 

Just Powder and any old Bullet that you're already shooting.

It's easy to clean & a Heck of a Lot of FUN !!!

It's so easy to load, Even I can do it!


I got this email this morning......


Thank you for having purchase American Pioneer Powder from us in the past.  We try to keep our powder priced as low as possible.  Our chemical prices and shipping costs have increased significantly for this year, so we have to pass along a 10% price increase to cover of portion of these increases.


Until January 18, 2021, if you or anyone you know needs to order powder, you can place your orders at 2020 pricing.



2020 Pricing (Good Until 1/18/21)


1 Case (12 bottles) at $20.50 per bottle* = $246.00

2 Cases (24 bottles at $18.50 per bottle* = $444.00

4 Cases (48 bottles) at $17.25 per bottle* = $828.00


8 Case  (96 bottles) at $16.50 per bottle* = $1,584.00


To Order, please call Brett at 954-415-8229!!!







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Yes they will... I just received my shipment a couple of weeks ago.  

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