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I stopped by a flea market I have never been to yesterday and was surprised to see a couple tables with gun stuff. Some ammo of various sorts, accessories and even a few guns for sale. No FFL required in Ohio it's considered a "private sale". Anyhoo I picked up two boxes of .45 acp hollow points, Hornady and Winchester for $20.00 a box of 20 and one had 25. I picked up a sleeve of small rifle primers to try out on my .38's. They were $3.00/100 He had a Ruger 9mm and a .22  Champion rifle(??) There was plenty of cleaning supplies, magazines, shotgun ammo , asst. dies and lots of oddball rifle ammo. I picked up a bag of 500 Winchester hulls used in good shape for $5.00. Interesting place plus all the other NON-Gun stuff!

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Fairly large outdoor flea market in Counce, TN regularly has ammunition and gun stuff at a couple of different tables.  I was able to pick up some 7 x 57 Mauser there last year.  Gave about what I would if I had found it at the big box store, but wasn't charged tax.  They used to sell guns there, but I think the ATF raided them a time or two, so the owners of the property said no more gun sales.  

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A fellow shooter has a niche business shopping estate and garage sales for firearms-related items that he resells at local gun shows.  He sold me a MEC Jr out of his inventory to get me started in loading BP shotgun shells.

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