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? about GOLD

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On 3/29/2020 at 9:08 PM, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

For YEARS, we've seen all these commercials about buying GOLD.

Kinda like......when the world turns upside down..."GOLD will be your most valuable commodity".


You've seen them.   I've often wondered if GOLD is so precious to have and invest in, why are those

who have the GOLD trying to sell it?


ANYHOW, the purpose of my thread is this:    I wonder how many of those GOLD buyers have had to

use those GOLD coins and GOLD bars to buy Toilet Paper?




Cause they're marking it up and selling it for a profit, just like everything else.

I remember years ago thinking of buying some gold (REAL gold) when the price had shot up from $300 to $600 per ounce and I thought that was insanity, no way it could ever stay that high. Kicked myself for that one for years, still do. :angry:


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The price of gold really never changes.  Look at the price of a Colt SAA in gold during the 1880's and, the price in gold of a Colt SAA in the 2010's.  They are really similar.  The only thing that changes is the amount of currency you have to exchange for either one.

Think if the ocean.  There are tides, storm surges and tsunamis.  Still, if you go to the same beach, now, that you visited as a kid, the ocean is still where it always was.  Gold is not really for making money.  It is for not losing wealth to currency inflation over the long run.

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Everyone should have some of what would be trade/barter material in a SHTF situation.


Precious metals such as Gold and Silver



Tools, Guns and Ammo (lead)


Medicine and medical supplies including Alcohol/ hydrogen peroxide





That said, Silver and Gold in the time of Christ was standardized by the Roman government at 15-1 (15 oz of Silver to 1 oz Gold). The U.S. government at one time had it standardized at 16-1. Currently it's at about 100-1. In October 2000 Gold was $292/0z.. In 2011 it was $1800. Today it's $1600. Silver in 2011 was $47/oz. Today $14 and change.


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