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Cowboy Clothes-- shirts, pants, vests

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 20191120_121403.thumb.jpg.6104bd8df1b32af0a47de9c137f9cd4e.jpg Black pigskin, snap closure, Medium, $1520191120_121437.thumb.jpg.1ac17f5998fbc5386118f56ed092934a.jpg20191120_121748.thumb.jpg.74a821c323b35a9a69ea14029079a30c.jpgPeruvian natural wool.  Warm!  $1520191120_121820.thumb.jpg.a27125f58ed4ffbb250504bdda76e590.jpgTan/black pant, Wah maker.  36 x 36, Washed, never worn. $25. corduroy.  38 x 36.  Washed,    Co. mountain shirt.  Large, new, unworn.  $25.20191120_125649.thumb.jpg.a6f5f4505a2db5b76a47c6fb20dc959a.jpgWah Classic pattern.  Medium.  Worn twice.  $2020191120_125723.thumb.jpg.74634cf43c4221115ccfa1b923fffc5e.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

All items are plus actual/cheapest shipping.  Combine for discount or free freight.  PM for more info.


Merry Christmas to all!


And please excuse erratic text/photo positioning.  Computer seems to have a mind of its own.











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I would like the Wah green paisley

let me know the total to zip 80543...………………...thanks Spark

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:ph34r:  Mattress ticking striped shirt and Wah green paisley shirt are sold.  Thanks, pards.


PM on pants answered.  One pair of corduroy 38 x 36 remain.  I posted several shots trying to get realistic representation of color under fluorescent lighting.  Costa Rican Kid has first right of refusal on them at this point.



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17 hours ago, Kid Moreno said:

How can I contact you?


Click on Bad Bascomb's name on the left of one of his posts.   That will open another window, with his name, a link to "follow member" and a link to send a "message".

Click on "message " and that will open the Private Message (PM).   Bad Bascomb will receive a notification when you have sent it.  You will see a notification icon when you receive one. 

You may also see an e-mail notification when a message is sent to you.  Do not answer or reply through the e-mail.  That is a notification only.   

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