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Question came up - - WTC?

Dusty Devil Dale

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1 hour ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

Just for clarity,  I began by simply relaying a question that was asked of me at a match, by a shooter waiting in line to get to the Loading Table.  About halfway through this multiple diagogue, I thanked everyone for giving helpful answers.   I had what I needed at that point--or I thought so.  That could have concluded it, and possibly should have. 


But folks,  including me, have had some fun extending the topic here, even to meteorites, and I don't see a problem with that.  If we're having fun, then let 'er rip.  A rule change could easily clarify all of this, but then we wouldn't have so much fun pushing it around, discussing it. 


When and if a shooter shadow shoots a stage and I'm the TO, it's a no call, unless some other rule is violated.  And if they ask permission, "Sure, go ahead, but don't drop your pistol-- and shadow misses count" will be my response.  Simple enough.

Safe fun is what this should be about--right? 

I think we agree on all things except possibly one, and based on the way you handled it with the shooter, we actually agree there as well. If we disagree at all, it would be that I don't think an additional rule is needed. The absence of a rule prohibiting shadow shooting has been clear enough for me for 14+ years and for the game since inception. It has often been confused with dry firing at the loading table, but we seem to finally be putting that one to bed. . .or so I thought. 


There has been a good deal of time spent in discussion over the years that ultimately resulted in the elimination of rules that accomplished nothing. A good example of that is the removal of the rule that gave a shooter a 10 second MSV for picking up a drop round for fear that they would break the 170 while doing so. I seem to recall posting a similar post (meteor analogy about overreacting) when some were all up in a hoopla thinking the world would surely end if we allowed shooters to pick up a dropped round. I can't remember how long the rule has been gone, but since it's been gone I have yet to see someone break the 170 while picking up a dropped round and I've not heard of it happening.


I feel the same way about shadow shooting. Shooters are ultimately going to shoot. If I feel safe around them when they're loading (where they unholster, load and reholster) and shooting, I feel no less safe if they decide to unholster a pistol, then reholster it just before they actually shoot. I really don't expect shadow shooting with pistols out to become all the rage. Most SASS shooters don't read the Wire, so it's not entered their mind to shadow shoot with pistols out. The best way to avoid having to eliminate another useless rule is not to create it in the first place. 


There's are meteors streaking through space as we speak. Look out! :)

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Hi Dale,


One thing I do when searching for a rule and not finding it is to search an online copy of rules. I always save the booklets to my computer to avoid any internet slow downs. Then, I search using every possible word the rule could contain.


The following I learned the hard way. When you get a hit on a word, keep searching as there could be a later exception or elaboration on  the rule.





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