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Mystery Revolver Help Identify

Cypress Sam, SASS #10915

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I am trying to restore an old .32 rimfire pocket pistol.  It has no markings on it anywhere except for a serial (?) number, 1204.  It had all of the parts except for the cylinder pin latch and trigger spring.  But the cam on the bolt appears to be broken   I’m trying to find a picture of what this part looks like.  If anyone can help, i’d appreciate it.



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I think that my pistol is a copy rather than a Colt.  It looks similar but there are major differences.  I took some pictures of the bolt with it out of the gun.  On the end of the bolt opposite the pin hole it is milled out to form a “spring” that operates off a cam on the hammer but I think an unknown shaped end has broken off.  See photos.







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