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Helicopter Landing

Subdeacon Joe

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I remember a couple of landings on my ship that were like that. My ship was a Cruiser, actually a League Destroyer. Notice the landing crews weren't out there tending to the static line and chocks. Smart.

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I watched a landing on one of our Canadian frigates, in rough weather.

They drop the winch line, from the centre of the airframe and the deck crew hooks to a winch and ring bolt on the deck.

Pilot then powers up and tries to lift the ship, while they deck crew winches the helicopter down.

Neat operation.

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Helo winches are the way to go in rough weather ship landings.


Before their invention, landing a helo on a pitching ship wasn't much different than landing fixed wings. Hover over the intended target and "smoothly" lower collective as quickly as possible to do a controlled crash onto the deck.

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