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What's heaviest maxi for T/C Hawkin 50 cal Black powder

F. Greysmoke ,#12093

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Your question belongs on the wire instead of the classifieds, but I have owned the rifle in question, and the round ball does waaaaay better than any conical. You might buy a green mountain drop in barrel for it with a 26, or 28 twist, and shoot all the conical bullets you want. I did this with a tc renegade, and it really runs now.

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Some 50 cal 1/48s will not shoot a roundball. I have one. Yes I tried everything you think I should have tried. I had given up on it as a lost cause when I discovered 285 gr TC maxihunter shot cloverleafs a lot farther than I can hold the sights.

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That just shocks me! I'm sure its true though, because the 48 twist is supposed to stabilize the minnie, and the round ball. I never had any luck at all beyond 25 or 30 yards with the conical bullets and a 48 twist. I finally got a green mountain barrel drop in with a one in 26 twist, 50 cal. Now the rifle shoots any conical I through at it. I like conical bullets for hunting because they do way better in the wind. I have a devoted round ball gun with a 66 twist that is really accurate with the balls, and fun to shoot. I swab the barrels out between every shot for accuracy. Took awhile to learn that, but it really works great. Some guys have something figured out to where they can just keep loading and firing, but I never had any luck with it.

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