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Air Quality Problem for EOT?

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A fast moving fire is burning well south of FR. While it does not threaten FR at this time lots of smoke is blowing northward. Air quality may be poor for a few days. See http://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/fire-burning-near-fourth-of-july-campground-in-manzano-mountains/4168666/?cat=500#.V2CVOnn2aic


Update: NWS shows the smoke plume currently blowing over Moriarty with it shifting over Edgewood on Wednesday. See http://www.srh.noaa.gov/images/fxc/abq/graphicast/image_full3.gif. Zone forecast for Manzano Mtns is not good: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?zoneid=NMZ521


Update: 6/15 @ 1600, Voluntary evacuation of village of Chilili ~17 miles south of FR underway. Traffic cams along I-40 in show smoke but good visibility. I would shoot at FR in these conditions.


Update: 6/15 @ 1835, State of Emergency Declared, National Guard put on standby, State Health Dept. issued a smoke advisory.


Update: 6/16, morning. Several communities south of FR are being evacuated. Today's forecast is unfavorable. See http://www.srh.noaa.gov/images/fxc/abq/graphicast/image_full3.gif. FR may have smoke in the morning before west winds clear the air. However, traffic cams along I-40 north of FR don't show much smoke at ground level. I'm pretty sure I'll be camping on range.


The Rio Grande Vally is filled with haze. A trip up the Sandia Peak Tram won't get you very good views.


Update 6/16 PM: NM Health Dept says smoke will be worst from Moriarty to Cline Corners.

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Regarding air quality, those with pulmonary issues:

-- consider allergy and plan for it if you're allergic.

-- Bring extra meds

-- Bring Rx (if possible) for breathing oxygen. There should be a local supplier in that area. Maybe SASS has already checked.

-- FR / Edgewood elevation sits at approx. 6700' - 7000' to begin with. So, that might be a problem for some with breathing issues.

-- If you have a little finger-clip-on, oxy/pulse indicator, consider bringing it with a new battery.

........ Edit Note: blood oxygen level should be in the 90's - the higher, the better.

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Last night the sky was clear open the door as the moon was rising. Today was in town could tell there was a fire in the area. It was hot but that wasn't from the fire it ps just going to be a hot EOT like WR was. Sass is breifing everyone at the shooters meetings on the status and have formed a emergency evacuation plan that they are breifing you as you pick up your packet.

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