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Uberti 73 Old Style bolt repair

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Just had the bolt replaced in a rifle I picked up in a trade. The bolt is the old style for a 357 Uberti and the firing pin spring tension is weak, which was allowing a round to go off when the bolt was slammed shut, as well as weak extractor spring tension that didn't always pull the shell when running it fast.


The question is, can anyone rebuild these bolts or are they just for the trash??? AND if they can be repaired is there enough savings over a new bolt to justify it.........Thanks............RT

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Sure the old style bolt is a good bolt, and can last a long time.


Firing pin spring - can be easily replaced. Couple of bucks


Extractor can be replaced with a new, higher quality spring steel than factory used - $30-35 bucks for part and add in the labor for intelligently fitting it.


Now, is YOUR old bolt trash? Well, if it was badly treated by previous owner, it could be. But, most likely it's well worth keeping.


The new style bolt uses a better, stronger key to fasten the firing pin extension to the bolt. But, they are also made of a leaded steel that seems not to be quite as strong as the old ones.


And the newest design bolt from Uberti is reported to be coming in with a replaceable cartridge tab at the bottom of the bolt. Which, IF it is well thought out and executed, might be a very good thing.



Several of our gunsmiths can look that over, fit a new extractor and firing pin and spring, check the cartridge tab and replace if needed. Lassiter did a superb job with ultra-fast turnaround on my main match 73 when I broke the cartridge tab this fall.


By having a gunsmith tune up the old bolt, you would have a replacement bolt,extractor, and firing pin extension standing by as a hot backup for your new bolt and FPE that it sounds like has already been installed in your gun. Which would be almost as good as another gun, but about $1500 cheaper!


Good luck, GJ

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