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Uberti 73 issues

Rootin Tootin

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The SS links look new and the carrier is aluminum and worn slightly. The fat part of the bolt gets caught in the carrier during the spent round ejection movement, before it drops for the next round when running it fast..It also has a P D issues when running it hard.......


I have a new Uberti bolt complete from VTI. Can I replace this 1873 lever rifle bolt ( rifle serial # W01313) that has all these issues with this new bolt, before addressing the timing issues, or is there a cowboy gunsmith that can fix this rifle with my parts??? I'm not sure of the age of this rifle but I'm guessing it was built before 2008 and the complete bolt assy I have is for post 2008.


Info on age of rifle and suggestions for repair are appreciated..........



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You most likely have a rifle that has the old bolt and firing pin extension, but you want to put in a new style bolt. That will also need the new firing pin extension and the "key" that holds them together.


It also sounds like the carrier is being pulled down before the bolt fully retracts after firing. That is one type of timing problem, and it could indeed be caused by a bent lever, but there can be other causes, too.


You claim it has a headspace problem (you did not mention if you measured that, or how you came to that conclusion). That would normally be fixed by swapping toggle links from the short-stroke kit manufacturer to a new set of links that fix excessive headspace.


Bolt and FPE replacement will need to be done at the same time that timing and headspace problems are being worked. No use working on bolt replacement before working on the timing and headspace.


Most of our good cowboy gunsmiths can straighten this out. Some parts are going to be tossed away and replaced. Might as well get the gun to a good smith now, rather than buying more parts on your own.


Oh, and have the gunsmith put in a working lever safety. You will want it.


I'd suggest in no particular order:

Cowboy Carty

Longhunter Supply

Cowboys and Indian Shop (Jim Bowie)

Pioneer Gun Works



Each gunsmith will approach this with slightly different techniques and the gun will be built like they like to do it (know how to, have the best success with), so decide on the gunsmith based on how you want the final gun to feel and operate!


This sounds like the gun needs work which is over your experience level to do this all on your own with just wire help.


Good luck, GJ



And, I don't know what you mean by "PD Issues" unless that would be it's a stolen gun and the Police Department is looking for it..... :huh::lol:

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Mr. Tootin,


What you describe is not a difficult fix for someoen familiar with 73s and there are several good cowboy smiths in your part of the countrry (or nearby anyway).

Ask around locally and find a good nearby smith that does a lot of 73s. Or, just send it off to someone. :)

You will be time and money ahead from trying to do it yoourself. ;)

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Root in,

First, I agree with Garrison Joe. From your questions and comments, your in well over your head. I built competition toggle Link rifles for almost 20 years before I retired and what you describe need the attention of someone who really understands Toggle Link rifles. Bad head space doesn't "just happen"

while shooting at the range unless your running some really nasty ammo. Timing issues don't just develop in a single shooting session either. The timing is either good or bad from the time the rifle is assembled.

You didn't mention caliber. Normally, Large Bore Uberti rifles have excess head space and Small Bore guns have to little head space. I don't necessarily

champion aluminum Carrier Blocks, but you've got one, so it is what it is.

You mentioned getting a "complete" bolt from VTI. Uberti no longer support their guns with just "the bolt." It is a complete kit, Bolt, Firing Pin, firing Pin Spring (too heavy) and the correct Firing Pin Extension Rod.

The short answers to your questions are YES and NO. Yes, the new Bolt Assembly can be installed. By itself it won't necessarily fix anything. ALL of the

problems you mention are related to each other and you can't correct them piecemeal. ALL or nothing. Essentially, you need a good Rifle Smith who

can completely take your rifle apart and START OVER from SCRATCH.

The rifle builders mentioned by Garrison Joe are all "go to" guys. Give em a call and pick one. Your rifle can be made to run. Again, not by applying

band-aids piecemeal.



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