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Knife V. Gun

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I don't care if you can outdraw me, can you get you knife into me before I shoot you?

Better question is... Can he still get his knife in you after you shoot him???

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I work'd and trained with several that could with ease.

Is it worth bet'n you life on? -_-


I take that as you work'd and trained with folks that could draw a knife and inflict wound before one could draw and shoot? Or the other way around?

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Anybody remember Rod Redwing? He had a stunt where he would draw and throw a knife. Then he'd draw and fire a SAA. He did it so fast that the knife would wind up sticking in the bullet hole.

He did this on "The Rifleman" one time, subbing for Sammy Davis Jr.

Yep he was fast. No doubt about it.

He was also the exception to a lot of rules.

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