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Anybody heard of this?

Red Cent

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The odds of an actual non-controversial secret leaking increase by the square of the number of people that know the secret.


The odds of an actual controversial secret leaking increase by n to the 10th power. Where n is the number of people that know a given secret.


Take a SWAG at the number of people involved and what are the odds the none of the participants will spill the beans? Remember that the participants have to buy in 100%. Do you really believe that our troops are that brain washed?

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I think we had a thread on this a while ago. Jade Helm is simply an excercise much like Special Forces has been running in North Carolina for decades. It is simply on a larger scale.

A couple of years back several hundred active and former SF members signed an open letter supportingnthe 2nd Amendment.

Not your enemies.

De Oppresso Liber.

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